Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples

Many pages have been written about solidarity, as a value, as a principle, as a verb. However, not infrequently solidarity is confused with charity, with a vertical relationship where there is no other, but oneself who seeks and expects what corresponds to him by being supportive. In general, solidarity seems to have more photos on … Read more

Cristián Warnken: “People’s interest in a new Constitution has been diluted, there is boredom”

The professor and president of Amarillos, Cristián Warnken, believes that the experience of a new convention cannot be repeated, which is why he proposes a commission elected by Congress. And about violence and school dropouts, he says it is “a gigantic social time bomb.” -Amarillos’ constitutional proposal raises a commission elected by parliament to draft … Read more

Guatemala. The UN is concerned about disrespect for judicial independence and the situation of indigenous peoples


By Simón Antonio Ramón, Latin American Summary, October 25, 2022. Committee of experts of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights expressed concern about judicial independence, the life situation of indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and people from the LGBTI community. The examination for Guatemala on the implementation, guarantee and protection of the … Read more

“Other people’s children”, “Right before your eyes”, “Moonage Daydream”: the films of the week


Discover without further delay the films of the week. right before your eyes by Hong Sang-soo right before your eyes flows without anything disturbing his calm, but with the assurance that everything is essential. In a rickety economy (a handful of sequences), made almost trivial by an appetite for empty, sanitized or demolished places (work … Read more

[PUBLI] Marc Gaudet: “It is at college that young people’s citizenship must be awakened”


In 20 years, the Department of Loiret has invested more than 700 million euros in the renovation and reconstruction of its 58 colleges. The elected officials have also drawn up a global policy so that young people become actors and citizens, to make them aware of the environment and to provide them with optimal teaching … Read more

Yarza clarifies sayings by laggards: “It is not about going to people’s homes, but about promoting strategies for these groups”


There is a figure that worries health authorities and experts: the laggards. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, there are 1,627,942 people who are late with their third dose and 1,887,633 with the fourth. Only 71% of the target population has been vaccinated with the second booster. That is, there are … Read more

The pope closed his visit to Canada with a warning | He spoke of “ideological colonization” as a current danger for indigenous peoples


From Rome For Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the visit of Pope Francis to Canada had a “very strong impact”, especially in his various meetings with the native peoples who were the main objective of the trip. Francis wanted to meet with the indigenous peoples on their own lands and ask their forgiveness for the mistreatment … Read more

Report on actions in the process of Consultation with Indigenous Peoples and Afro

This consultation will take place in 72 venues, with 4 regional forums, in 24 municipalities consulted and 66 communities in the municipality of Tanlajás. San Luis Potosí, SLP.- Deputies and deputies met with members of Section 26 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) to report on the actions that will be carried … Read more