Laelia Benoit: “School phobia is neither a whim nor a fad”

Why, as a young child psychiatrist, did school phobia immediately interest you? The first time I heard a teenager talk to me about this anxiety disorder in consultation was in 2014. I was a young psychiatric intern in a hospital in Val-de-Marne and this notion, which was unknown to me , intrigued me. I continued … Read more

EXCLUDED – Patrick Sébastien, his rare secrets on the “school phobia” of his daughter Lily – Gala

As he prepares to release a book on the hardships he has just gone through, Patrick Sébastien granted Gala an interview in our issue of September 22, 2022. The former presenter of France 2 talks about the school difficulties of his 15-year-old daughter Lily. Patrick Sébastien lives again. The animator-producer publishes a book entitled Live … Read more

In Douarnenez, a welcoming place to get out of school phobia


The place still breathes new. Instead of a former roadside restaurant at the entrance to Douarnenez, a multi-activity reception room now adjoins the kitchen, the offices and the coaching office where the site’s founder, Isabelle Coisy, officiates. This Tuesday, September 13, the association “La compagnie des zébrés”, created in November 2019, offers one of its … Read more

School phobia: “To recognize it, ask your child about his daily life outside of school”


THE ESSENTIAL School phobia affects more than 1% of school-age children; it represents 5% of the reasons for consultation in child psychiatry. It affects boys as well as girls, good students as well as less good ones, and all socio-professional categories. The main definition of school phobia used is that of Dr. Ajuriaguerra, … Read more

Back to school 2022: what to do if your child suffers from school phobia and fears returning to his classroom?


Back to school, Thursday, September 1, is fast approaching. If some students are nervous at the idea of ​​​​finding their classmates, for others, the month of September is an obstacle course. Impossible to pass the gate of the establishment without having a knotted stomach, migraines, even anxiety attacks. This refusal to go to class is … Read more

How to help your child overcome school phobia? Here are some valuable tips.


Does your child refuse to go to school? His results are down, while his absences are increasing? He or she is likely to have school phobia, an anxiety disorder increasingly widespread, affecting about 5% of students. But how can you help your child overcome this anxiety? Odile Mangadaran, president of the associationSchool Phobia“, book of … Read more