Youth policies: the meeting “What will I do when I grow up” on Wednesday at the Traiano theatre

CIVITAVECCHIA – The Mayor Ernest Germanthe Department of Education (Assessor Simona Galicia) and the Department of Youth Policies of the Municipality of Civitavecchia (Councillor Cynthia Naples) have the relaunch of collaboration with all the Higher Scholastic Institutes local and the University Pole. To this end, the Department of Youth Policies has deemed it appropriate to … Read more

Welfare, Family Policies, Integration and Reception Policies, Social Welfare, Schools and Educational Offers, Civil Service and Associations: let’s take stock with Councilor Marta Jerovante

Home News Welfare, Family Policies, Integration and Reception Policies, Social Welfare, Schools and Educational Offers, Civil Service and Associations: let’s take stock with Councilor Marta Jerovante As we approach the end of the year and also the expiry of the administrative mandate of the Giunta Nisi, let’s take stock of the state of implementation of … Read more

Alejandra Jacinto: “That Podemos is in the Government of the Community of Madrid is the only guarantee that transformative policies are carried out”

Alejandra Jacinto (Madrid, 1989) has had a fast-paced career in Madrid politics. She went from being the legal representative and visible face of the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) in Madrid for ten years to make the leap to institutional politics as a candidate in the regional elections of May 4, 2021 for … Read more

Cartagena: first city with school policies on healthy eating


Imagine that you are a child and you watch television in the afternoon. You watch a scene in your favorite cartoon show and notice that the characters are in the school cafeteria, where they deliver trays with a delicious-looking breakfast, which has yogurt and apple, among other nutritious and delicious foods. However, that perception of … Read more

Educational policies and learning | profelandia


There are different instruments in the world to measure the level of education of the countries in the world, such as TIMSS, IEA, ESLC, PIRLS, TALIS, PIAAC, ERCE, SERCE, TERCE and of course the best known, the PISA test of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Each one of them evaluates different aspects … Read more

Three decades of policies to guarantee a life free of violence


About the sixteen days of activism for eradicate the violence against womenwhich, as every year, begins on November 25, today it is worth recounting the efforts, advances, good practices and resistance that are found on the way to banish the horrors and cruelty of violence that in various forms looms over the women today. I … Read more

Welfare, Education and Puglia Regional School Office together for social inclusion policies and school integration of deaf people


Promote full participation in social life and the removal of communication barriers. This is what is foreseen by the regional law of 30 December 2021, n. 51 to article 17, which recognizes the Italian Sign Language (LIS) and promotes its acquisition, diffusion, use, together with the tactile Italian Sign Language (LIST), in the social community, … Read more

School, electoral programs for 2022 policies: from salary increases to gender theory

There school reform is among the most heartfelt arguments in the electoral campaign for the 2022 policies. After the reform of the Good School, carried out by Matteo Renzi, there are still many knots to untie on the Italian school system which in 2021 is in third place for early school leaving with a rate … Read more

Childhood Policies, Princi: “We work to make Calabria a child


Territorial educational poverty linked to childhood is one of the many gaps that Calabria needs to fill. The reading of the XIII edition of the Atlas of children at risk in Italy, released in view of the World Childhood and Adolescent Day by Save the Children, once again this year photographs the drama of the … Read more

Study reveals important gaps in mental health policies for children and adolescents at the national level


On Wednesday, October 5, the Ombudsman for Children presented to the Ministry of Health the results of a study that reveals the dramatic gaps that the country registers in mental health policies for children and adolescents. The research, carried out during the years 2020 and 2021, was carried out by researchers from the University of … Read more