April (Uil Scuola): politicians stop raiding the school, the contract must establish everything

“Avoid the incursion of politicians into the school and establish everything through the contract, which must be actualized”. She said it Giuseppe D’Aprile, general secretary of the Uil Scuolawhich has put its hands on the politicians by stating that it is by bargaining that the rules of regulation must be established. D’Aprile participated in the … Read more

Dear politicians, 10 ideas to be (really) on the side of children

The poster 1. Support the development and publicity of listening lines for children and adolescents The aim is to accommodate the problems and needs expressed by them, providing, consequently, in child-friendly, the best possible support, respecting their best interests. It is essential, for the success of the activity, to improve and encourage the relationship with … Read more

technical table on youth hardships with FI politicians


3 ‘of reading 17/08/2022 – The Forza Italia Marche Department of Social Policies, coordinated by Dr. Alessandra Di Emidio, presents the first of the initiatives that will involve all the provinces of the Marche in August 2022. At the center of the first meeting which will take place in Fermo, Friday 19 August 2022, the … Read more

School favorite theme of politicians in the electoral campaign: Salvini speaks in Florence, Forza Italia rejects all at the high school of Calenda, Lupi exalts it


With the dissolution of the Chambers and the decision to go to the vote, school is once again one of the favorite topics of politicians. One of the most inclined to talk about public education is the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini. Salvini: in Tuscany in September A few days ago he said that in … Read more

10 young politicians from Veracruz to follow towards 2024


Xalapa, Ver. – Nestor Enrique Sosa Pena was elected in 2021 -with 1,931 votes- as mayor of Chontla, Veracruzmunicipality located in the region low huasteca. The politician of Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is the youngest acting municipal president in the state, at just 26 years of age. The priista ventured into the politics since he … Read more

Two countries, two provinces, two politicians


Monday 18.7.2022 – Last update – 9:06 Month of July, with the “winter recess” in schools, something that should be reviewed, like so many substantive issues, but that is not reviewed for two reasons: ministerial ineptitude consecrated by the passage of time and union selfishness, also consecrated by the pass of the time. This month … Read more

Salaries, increase on the way but not from the renewal of the contract: politicians and industrialists like the cut in the tax wedge


The salary increase that goes through the renewal of the school contract will not come soon: despite now also the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, push to close already by the summer, we can talk about it, if all goes well, in the fall. The leaders of the school’s major trade unions have made it … Read more

Russia recruits professors, workers and politicians for “reconstruction”

A campaign has begun in Russia to search for workers, teachers, public officials and political activists willing to move to the newly conquered Ukrainian territories. Search not easy (it is a war zone) and therefore fueled by very attractive economic offers. The declared aim is “to participate in the reconstruction of Donbass” but also in … Read more