This week we propose, for the column BL BOOKSthe new novel by Pierfrancesco Diliberto, in art Pif: “A poor idiot’s desperate search for love” published by Feltrinelli. “Love is not a mathematical formula, you can’t fall in love by calculating.” At least that’s what Arturo thinks until he sees an old classmate, the irritating Gianfranco … Read more

Poor quality of education: just lack of resources? | More Colombia

On Friday, January 8, 2023, it was read in Time (physical version, page 1.5) that the “Poor quality of education, [es] a problem linked to lack of resources”. But President Petro put his finger on the wound: Colombia is penultimate among OECD countries in mathematics and science. “Here, one of the central causes of our … Read more

Budget law, the wrath of the Democratic Party: cuts in school and health care, takes away the poor and rewards tax evaders, pushes women away from retirement


The Hall of the Chamber of Deputies According to Democratic party there Budget Law 2023, approved in the Chamber a few hours before Christmas, is a total disappointment: “winks at whoever escapeswidens the tax differences between self-employment and employee e hides cuts to health care and education (the reference is to the unification of hundreds … Read more

A wall falls from the Manuel Altolaguirre school, which had been in poor condition since 2018


The Manuel Altolaguirre school, in the Palma-Palmilla district, was met with an unpleasant surprise this Tuesday. During the night the perimeter wall that separates it from the La Rosaleda institutea wall canvas that, like the rest of the perimeter fence, had an iTechnical report of its poor condition since 2018. There have been no personal … Read more

Ten thousand new poor in the black year of the crisis in the Caritas dossier


“Caserta and its province, it cannot be ignored, it is characterized by social policies that over time have not dealt with hardships according to criteria of concrete effectiveness, organization and coordination ». Thus, with evangelical frankness, the 2022 Poverty Dossier of Caritas Campania. Which reserves an entire chapter for the Diocese of Caserta, plus a … Read more

Madrid Bar Association: An institution with poor representation


On December 20, 2022, the new dean and members of the Governing Board of the Madrid Bar Association will be elected, for which seven candidates compete, including 3 women, for the highest responsibility. Elections have traditionally been characterized by a high rate of abstention, which means a lack of legitimacy of those elected, coupled with … Read more



Various sociological investigations have documented a significant phenomenon of disintegration of the principles and sound values ​​that represented the foundations of society and that characterized the previous generations in particular. With the advent, then, of evident and important difficulties, caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the economic crisis, the reduced opportunities and the increase of various … Read more

Carla Vall: “The chants of the hall of residence would not have happened in a poor neighborhood”


Carla Valla lawyer specialized for a decade in the defense of victims of sexist violence, considered yesterday that the misogynistic chants uttered by young people from a college in Madrid “They are the living reflection of a society that is maintaining a macho pulse against the rise of feminism.” And, he added in conversation with … Read more

The Pope to the most universal College of Cardinals in history: “Cook the food of the poor and migrants”


The Pope wants the 226 cardinals that the Catholic Church has today and that make up the most universal College of Cardinals in history work on two planes at the same time: in the big and in the small, in the office and in the street, in the institutional and hand in hand with the … Read more

A poor teacher is fired from school, hours later an SUV picks her up and takes her on a private jet


A struggling head teacher has been fired without notice from the primary school where she had worked for decades. Devastated, she returned home with a box containing her belongings, only to be picked up a few hours later by a 4×4 to take her on a private jet. Sandra Hutson was a 64-year-old teacher. She … Read more