One would expect that life expectancy will be higher in the less polluted South than the North but medical malpractice e poverty betray the South For some years now, Istat has published, alongside the estimates of the traditional GDP, also the Bes figures (Fair and sustainable wellbeing): these are dozens of indicators that aim to … Read more

A country without education is a country condemned to poverty

By Juan Pablo Chiesa* Under the slogan, you can’t study when you’re hungry, and no to ACAP (Activities to bring the world of work, internships closer together), students from different public schools in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires raised their voices, tired of complaints about food of nutritional quality food, building improvements and work … Read more

Navarra, the first CCAA to join the alliance against child poverty


The president of Navarra, María Chivite, signed an agreement this Friday with the High Commissioner for the Fight against Child Poverty, Ernesto Gasco, by which the Foral Community joins the State Alliance for the fight against inequalities and child poverty. In this way, Navarra becomes the first autonomous community in making this commitment. Nowadays, one … Read more

Navarra joins the State Alliance for the fight against inequalities and child poverty


The president of Navarra, María Chivite, signed this Friday a agreement with the High Commissioner for Fight Against Child PovertyErnesto Gasco, by which the Foral Community joins the state alliance to fight against inequalities and child poverty. The signing of the agreement was also attended by the delegate of the Government in Navarra, José Luis … Read more

Dina Boluarte: Education is the most effective way out of poverty


16:47 | Tarapoto, set. fifteen. “One of the most effective ways to get out of poverty is education and we, from the Government, are interested in their children having a quality education,” said today the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte, in a meeting with citizens of the San Martin region. Therefore, in … Read more

Poverty in the classroom: the keys that favor better performance


Like many other teachers in La Plata, Rocío Caporale notes that, after the pandemic, the economic situation of the families of many of her students worsened. And that impacts more and more in the classroom. Leading the last year of high school, she Caporale says that there are more boys and girls who work and … Read more

How poverty impacts on the educational development of young people


According to the report “School performance and poverty”, which was carried out by the Observatory of Argentines for Education, in our country 40% of students who manage to reach the last year of high school are in a situation of poverty. The analyst Martín Nistal provided some details that are alarming for the future of … Read more

Economy, children at risk of poverty and high school. The crisis affects the future of Italy


Italy is not a country for young people indeed, there‘Italy is not a country for children. To say it, the latest data Eurostat on the risk of poverty and a survey by Codacons on school expenses. According to the Statistical Office of the European Union, the at-risk-of-poverty rate, or the percentage of people who have … Read more

Menstrual poverty: “for many, menstruation is an obstacle to access rights”


“Only 21 countries in the world have managed to reduce or eliminate this tax,” says Anahi Rodríguez, spokesperson for the organization Menstruación Digna México. The so-called “pink tax” on feminine intimate hygiene products aggravates inequalities and the gender gap, but also affects the health of millions of women, girls and adolescents. Two out of five … Read more