Teacher card denied to a precarious girl for 5 years, the Court of Trani assigns him 2,500 euros. Anief: falls within the “recognition of the pre

The substitute teacher must be assigned the “Teacher card” and the relative bonus of 500 euros for each school year in which he worked: if it is a matter of five years of substitute work, then the reimbursement will be equal to 2,500 euros. This was confirmed by the Trani Labor Court examining the appeal … Read more

Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” turned into a pre

Who would have suspected that the German director Roland Emmerich, known for such blockbusters as independence day either GodzillaI had a secret passion for The Magic Flute? “I think it is the most brilliant opera ever written,” the director proclaimed at the German premiere of “The Magic Flute. The Legacy of the Magic Flute” in … Read more


The substitute services performed all contribute to the formation of the career and salary steps. This was reaffirmed by the Court of Arezzo, examining the case of a school collaborator “hired on a permanent contract on 09.01.2010, after having served as an MI employee under fixed-term contracts from the A.S. 2000-2001 to the academic year … Read more

Education: colleges are experimenting with short circuits in canteens for the “Au pré de l’assiette” operation


the essential Improving food quality in the canteen is the ambition of the county council which is organising, from 14 to 18 November in several colleges, the operation “Au pré de l’assiette” which promotes short circuits and local producers. Bringing taste back into school canteens. An entire program. Food quality in schools is once again … Read more

Teacher would have given marijuana candy to pre


After four children reportedly became ill from THC exposure on Halloween, a preschool teacher was arrested, Prosper police announced in a statement Tuesday afternoon. Authorities received a call around 4:35 pm Monday about a medical emergency at Prosper’s Primrose School, located in the 1100 block of La Cima Boulevard. According to Prosper police, four children … Read more

Trilce: how much does the monthly fee cost in this school with pre

Trilce school It is one of the best known institutions in all Perumainly due to having different locations in the capital and develop a pre-university teaching model. This strategy has earned them some of the top positions in the admission exams for different study houses. Throughout its more than 40 years, this school private has … Read more

School transport, stops established, pre


The municipal administration has activated all the procedures for the restoration of the school transport service and has also established the stops of the school buses.The school office, in compliance with the municipal regulation of school transport and pre-existing stop points, has identified the possible stop points of the school buses. For the Armando Sforzi … Read more

Minsal insists on maintaining the use of a mask in school buildings and deputies seek to eliminate its obligation in pre


In the midst of the debate over sanitary restrictions in educational facilities, this Tuesday the undersecretary of public health, Christopher Square He insisted that the use of a mask is one of the main measures of prevention and protection against contagion by Covid-19. During the balance on the evolution of the pandemic in Chile, in … Read more