Prefabricated modular architecture: characteristics and applications of the dry construction system |

(by R. Petruzzelli) There prefabrication is the general term by which we refer to any component manufactured in a different place from the last placement site. With reference to the building sector, it means the off-site construction of building elements, building components and / or subsystems of buildings. These forged in the factory, in a … Read more

Students from a school in Cártama will begin the course in an institute while they finish installing their prefabricated classrooms

The Our Lady of Remedies School of Cartama will not receive all its Early Childhood and Primary Education students this Monday 12 To be in works. Faced with this situation, the center was going to move to some prefabricated classrooms, but they have not yet been built. Therefore, until the conditioning of these facilities is … Read more

Villasanta: an online petition to block the work of the prefabricated school


More than 80 signatures in a matter of hours. It is the result of the online petition llaunched by a group of parents of Villasanta to ask the interruption of the works for the realization of prefabricated inside the garden of the primary school Villa. Villasanta: an online petition with more than 80 members “The … Read more