Climate: Inrae’s new president speaks

Julien Fosse is the new president of Inrae Hauts-de-France. Presentation of a man full of ambitions with an impressive CV. Julien Lafosse © TH. Mr. At 43, Julien Fosse took over the presidency of theINRAE ​​(National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment) Hauts-de-France. Meeting with a man with an already busy career. What … Read more

School, collapse in the number of pupils. Istat President Blangiardo: “Very serious trend but caution is needed on cuts”

Worried yes. But certainly not surprised: a Gian Carlo Blangiardo, president of Istat as well as full professor of Demography, the numbers of the school population that is shrinking are well known. Numbers which will inevitably result in a downsizing of the school structure, which however must be done “with attention to the needs of … Read more

Caserta Doctors Order. Carlo Manzi is the new president


Editorial board -Carlo Manzi is the new president of theOrder of Doctors of Caserta. The election at the end of the board of directors convened after the resignation of Maria Erminia Bottiglieri. “I am honored and excited, this moment represents an important milestone, but at the same time the continuation of a path that I … Read more

100 years since the birth of Mario Lodi, medal of President Mattarella


The international conference “There is hope if this happened to the Vho. Mario Lodi one hundred years after his birth”. Title-paraphrase of the famous book by Mario Lodi released in 1963, an extraordinary snapshot of the Italian school after the Second World War and the spirit of renewal that then passed through it. Thus it … Read more

Puggelli closes his mandate as president of the Province: “Proud to have helped the institution to return central to the public debate” | Meadow TV


Penultimate day as president of the Province of Prato for Francesco Puggelli who will end his four-year term tomorrow. Here is the balance sheet for the mandate at Palazzo Banci Buonamici. “I am leaving this position satisfied with what I have achieved in the four years as president and aware that I have given the … Read more

Medal of the President of the Republic for the hundred years of Mario Lodi


PIADENA DRIZZONA – Il International conference “There is hope if this happened to the Vho. Mario Lodi one hundred years after his birth”, held today Tuesday 22 November 2022 in Rome, met with the desired success. The appointment was hosted by the Roma Tre University – Department of Education, coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of … Read more

Douglas Kennedy as president of the jury, tribute to Jean


It’s not the Cannes Film Festival, with its red carpet and its sequins for the fortnight of May. And the tuxedo-bow tie or the evening dress are not required to go to the screenings. But the conviviality and the simplicity of the exchanges, on the other hand, are always welcome at the Cannes Cinematographic Meetings, … Read more

Who is Kenji, the cocky son of former President Alberto Fujimori?


Kenji Gerardo Fujimori Higuchi he was just 10 years old when his father Alberto Kenya he became the most important man in the country in 1990 when he was elected president of the republic. As the last son, he was the most conceited and accompanied the new president on his tours throughout the country, as … Read more

The merit must be rewarded, leaving aside any ideological schematism: this is the thought of Mario Rusconi, president of ANP Rome


Merit is the theme of the day, especially since the name of the Ministry changed. The debate is wide-ranging and not at all obvious. The positions are varied and all deserve to be considered and scrutinized carefully.We talk about it with Mario Rusconi, president of the National Presidi Association of Rome.Dean Rusconi, what do you … Read more

“Depression is sometimes stigmatized within the Ministry of the Interior” says the president of the police union


Our country is one of those with the highest suicide rates in America, with an upward trend for 20 years. So far in 2022, 16 police officers have committed suicide and taking into account that in the profession that these officers deal with situations of strong character and stress, campaigning is not enough. In this … Read more