13 actions to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls | radionics

violence against women It is a silent pandemic that claims the lives of millions of them around the world, for this reason it is urgent that this scourge cease. Advocating for the strengthening of protection mechanisms to prevent and eliminate violence, harassment, threats, intimidation and discrimination against them is the task of all of society … Read more

Makro and Spirits Spain, together to prevent alcohol consumption in minors

Makro and Spirits Spain have signed a collaboration agreement to develop actions and initiatives aimed at preventing alcohol consumption by minors, within the framework of the “Menores ni una Gota” campaign that, since 2013, has been carried out by the Spanish Spirits Federation. This campaign aims to get the support of all kinds of public … Read more

Medellín declares a climate emergency and prioritizes eight strategies to prevent and respond to emergencies


With this measure, social, technical and financial strategies are defined to better deal with emergencies that arise. In addition, the District prioritizes investment in disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change. The declaration defines eight priority points to prevent and attend to emergencies as a consequence of the rains. Mayor Daniel Quintero Calle declared … Read more

The City Council and the College of Pharmacists sign a collaboration agreement whereby the more than 400 pharmacies in the city will help to inform, raise awareness and prevent possible cases of gender violence


The Seville City Council and the Seville College of Pharmacists have signed this Friday, coinciding with the celebration of 25N, the International Day against Violence against Women, a collaboration agreement through which the network of pharmacies in the Seville capital, made up of For 407 health establishments, it will become safe spaces for victims and … Read more

Makro and Spirits Spain collaborate to prevent alcohol consumption in minors


(Information sent by the signatory company) Madrid, November 25, 2022. Makro thus joins the “Menores ni una Gota” Network of Spirits Spain, through which joint actions will be carried out to prevent alcohol consumption by minors, evidencing the high degree of commitment of spirits brands and distribution with the protection of this vulnerable group Makro … Read more

Climate emergency in Medellín: Quintero prioritized strategies to prevent overflows of the 170 streams on red alert


The District prioritizes investment in disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change. Photo via: medellin.gov.co The mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero Streetdeclared this November 24 that the city is in a climate emergency, given the latest cases that have been witnessed in the city of eternal spring after heavy rainfall, flooding, mass movements, among … Read more

Giuliani: “Including specialists in schools to prevent episodes of violence. Onerous but necessary solution”


Intervened at Radio Cusano Campusin the usual director’s corner, Alexander Giulianidirector of the School techniquetook stock of the strictly topical situation regarding school. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Giuliani commented on the latest developments regarding the case of teacher who punched a student who was annoying him: “A file has been opened on the teacher for … Read more

Parents and schools support training families to prevent violence against children but do not


They demand that representatives of the centers, families or teachers be counted on to design this initiative MADRID, 15 (EUROPA PRESS)Associations of fathers and mothers and educational centers have positively assessed the Strategy for the eradication of violence against children and adolescents, promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, and approved … Read more

How to discover and prevent bullying


SEE / Carlos Batatin For lawyer Mayrene Martínez, the problem of bullying originates in families that have behavior patterns based on disrespect and violence, actions that children reproduce in their educational centers. According to his statements transmitted by Venezuelan Televisionto prevent this behavior “it is important to include the school community and the family nucleus … Read more

Acri, Union of Families: “prevent the initiative with the pornstar Malena”


CASTROVILLARI (CS) – The board of the Pollineana Academy has created a rich program of appointments for the eighth edition, first anniversary, twenty-second review, of “LibriAmoci in Autumn! It’s raining books ”on the calendar for the month of November, for four Fridays. The literary and thematic paths with the Pollino Academics are dedicated to reading, … Read more