Rho, “the school of princesses” is born: the courses in etiquette, make

The school of princesses is born, the first course in Italy to become budding queens. The announcement spread on social media, thanks to the sharing of a poster that quickly attracted the attention of users. From the manifesto it is possible to learn that the lessons will be held in Rho starting from April, every … Read more

‘Princesses, the Musical of Tales’ crowded the CEIP sports center ‘Jocelyn Bell’

‘Under the sea’, ‘What a feast!’, ‘Colors in the wind’, ‘Bibidi Babidi Bu’, ‘I am free’ or ‘I see the light in you’. But also ‘A little crazy’, ‘Beauty and the Beast are’, ‘An ideal world’, ‘Give me a little whistle’ or ‘La llorona’. These are some of the songs that were heard in the … Read more