Let go in schools, institutes or private school groups…: Mr. President, put an end to recreation and chaos!

In Senegal, the start of the school year is not a moment of tranquility for heads of families. They are generally left to the mercy of private schools. In this market that looks like a big bazaar, everyone does what they want. It is therefore difficult to oppose any resistance to these rentiers of a … Read more

Social mix: the private college isolates itself


In middle school, the population gap between the public and private sectors continues to grow. While the social mix is ​​stable in the first, the second welcomes more and more students from very privileged backgrounds. A social segregation that promotes inequalities. Social diversity continues to decline in private colleges. According a Depp study published in … Read more

Sovereign government but on the subject of schools, vouchers for private individuals are on the way


What changes for the school with the center-right in the government? Certainly, the school-related measures will not forget private institutions, non-state and equal schools, as reiterated several times in the electoral campaign and as per programs of coalition parties. To express himself on the topic, in particular, Valentina Apreaschool manager of Forza Italia and exponent … Read more

Alpamayo: how much does the monthly fee cost in the best private school in Peru?

The Alpamayo school It is one of the most expensive in Peru and, according to a PUCP study, it has positioned itself as the best educational center in its ranking in the entire country. It is located in Ate and is characterized by developing a model of bilingual education. Likewise, it has a fairly large … Read more

Private schools start competition to attract new students by 2023


Marianela González is the mother of three children, two of whom have already passed through school, but the third is finishing sixth grade this year and will enter high school in 2023. For Marianela, the decision is a little easier, since her son will go to the same school as the two older ones. Her … Read more

38% of official and private schools in Colombia do not have drinking water, according to the Welbin 2022 index


On September 21, the Welbin 2022 index study was released, which analyzed the level of well-being (health) in the educational sector in Colombia. The measurement had the participation of 1,556 educational institutions from 31 departments of the country, 68% being official schools and 32% private schools. According to the Escalando web portal, the Welbin index … Read more

Private schools in the Center region now taxed with taxes


September 19, 2022Salomon Albert NTAP The announcement of the regional head of taxes of the Center is contained in a press release made public at the end of last week. This is a tax that complies with the application of a provision of the finance law for the 2022 financial year, indicated the head of … Read more

The galley of private school students who want to join a public high school: “All my friends have returned to school except me”


TESTIMONIALS – More than a week after the start of the school year, many students remain without an establishment. A distressing situation for these students for whom school is still compulsory. While 12 million students joined their classes on September 1, Arthur * did not find his classmates. A “stressful” situation for both the teenager, … Read more

Autopsy on six parent chats: “Bizum” is the most repeated in a private school; “meeting” in a public


Six chats of parents of students between 3 and 13 years old, in public, private and concerted schools, located in large cities and in towns with a single center. Do they talk about the same thing? Absolutely. To verify this, six conversations from the 2021/2022 academic year have passed through the sieve of a word … Read more