Why does the College of Professionals in Psychology ask that Luis Fernando Suárez’s collaborator in the Costa Rican National Team not be called a psychologist?

Luis Felipe Camacho was presented on July 1, 2021 by the Costa Rican Football Federation (Fedefútbol) as the new sports psychologist of the National Team. The Colombian coach Luis Fernando Suárez brought his compatriot and from the beginning it was stressed that he was not a motivator. However, 17 months later, the Costa Rican College … Read more

Again in rebellion: Medical College rejects exclusion of professionals from readjustment to the public sector 2023

This Monday, the authorities of the Medical College met in an extraordinary way to address the public sector readjustment bill, since the agreement reached by the government and the unions did not leave the organization satisfied. After five consecutive days of meetings and one last day that ended on Friday night, the ministries of Finance … Read more

In less than three months, the College of Radiologists was able to enroll 85% of the professionals throughout the province


They highlighted it at the Imaging Diagnosis Professionals Conference held this Friday at the Legislature. This is the second international edition, organized by the Professional College of Graduates and Technicians in Diagnostic Imaging and Radiant Therapy of the province. The opening act was in charge of the president of the Bloc of Deputies of the … Read more

School, the new course of the Marignoni Polo institute: “We will train professionals for health and social care”


from Giovanna Maria Fagnani Saturday 26 November the open day in via Melzi d’Eril. The address «Services for health and social assistance» makes its debut. With Pnrr funds innovative classrooms and laboratories The start of the new socio-medical address and three projects funded by the Pnrr which envisage the creation of innovative classrooms e laboratories … Read more

The Burgos College of Physicians recognizes the work of retired professionals in the last three years

burgosnoticias.com | 11/17/2022 – 08:00 a.m. The Official College of Physicians of Burgos has paid tribute this afternoon to the retired medical professionals in recent years, while “acknowledging their efforts in an extraordinary and complicated time” derived from the pandemic situation that has once again revealed , “the greatness of its professionals”. This was highlighted … Read more

School canteens: professionals demand a 9% increase on contracts


Collective catering professionals are asking their customers – communities and schools – for an increase of “at least 9%” in their contracts, in a letter published Monday in the specialized community press. “And if this is not possible, we ask to be able to break the contracts”, is it added in this letter signed by … Read more

Starting the school year, the letter from the Municipal Administration of Locri addressed to students, families and professionals


The letter from the Municipal Administration of Locri addressed to families and students who will start the school adventure shortly Dear students, families, school managers, teachers and school staff, the ringing of the bell that will mark the start of the new school year 2022/23 is almost upon us and we wish to extend an … Read more

Elections College of Social Service Professionals of the Province of Jujuy


Elections College of Social Service Professionals of the Province of Jujuy 5 / September / 2022 Present The Green List, a new alternative to manage the Association of Social Service Professionals of Jujuy. Elections in the College of Social Service Professionals of Jujuy The Green List made up of Social Workers of the Province of … Read more

Pascal Mutel, President of the National School of Florists of Paris: “The apprentices of today are the professionals of tomorrow”


The National School of Florists has just returned. What does it mean to be a Florist today? Being a florist is exciting, fulfilling. It’s a job, carrying meaning and values, which allows you to realize yourself deeply. You don’t arrive at the National School of Florists by chance. It’s not a default orientation because you’re … Read more

Learning: the State wants to save money, professionals are worried


Learning, victim of its own success! Thanks to post-Covid hiring bonuses, nearly 900,000 contracts were in progress at the start of 2022, compared to 400,000 three years earlier. But some schools have sometimes taken advantage of this, driving up the cost of their training. The State has therefore decided to clean up and plans to … Read more