IT professions: the advantages of project

The importance of project-based pedagogy to quickly build skillsTo meet the requirements of companies looking for operational profiles to support them in their digital projects, project-based learning is a system particularly suited to IT professions, such as web development, system administration, software architecture… Project-based pedagogy offers students different issues that may be encountered in business … Read more

IICC Mode: The benchmark school for fashion professions since 1961 is expanding and becoming My Fashion School

By Delta Agency Posted 2 minutes ago, Update just now In progress at our school in Marseille Didier Illouz Its creation dates back to 1961 when a passionate tailor eager to pass on his know-how created the only temple of fashion learning in Marseille. The IICC Mode, more than ever on the front of the … Read more

Louis de Funès, Kad Merad… 10 French actors who practiced improbable professions before being known


While some were scouted as teenagers, many actors took time to rise to stardom and first had to earn a living outside of acting. Between odd jobs and amazing careers, here are 10 French actors who had another job before finding success. Gérard Depardieu – bodyguard for prostitutes © EuropaCorp Rough formwork, bon vivant and … Read more

Discover Digital Campus, the school that (really) trains in digital professions


Training in digital professions is far from easy as traditional educational structures are lagging behind in this area. Fortunately, there are many schools aware of the challenges of digital technology and which offer appropriate teaching. Example with Digital Campus. Source: Avi Richards for Unsplash With the explosion of the web and the democratization of digital, … Read more

The challenges of the blockchain and the key professions sought by companies


The challenges of blockchain, which is about to scale up Blockchain technologies make it possible to manage and modify certain types of information in a community manner, based on a consensus mechanism. The data is not controlled by any organization or state. ” The principle of the blockchain consists in writing with several hands in … Read more

Health, education: “We must recreate a dynamic labor market in professions and sectors regulated by the State”


HAS the hospital, but more broadly throughout the healthcare system, the same words keep coming back, as in a bad refrain: lack of staff, lack of recognition, physical and mental exhaustion; loss of opportunity for patients, acts of negligence, even mistreatment, of fragile people. Within the republican school, it is hardly better: 30% fewer candidates … Read more

Use. How to train in cultural professions?


Economic weight of culture: good to know In 2011, the added value of cultural activities was almost identical to that of agriculture and food industries (€60.4 billion). Thus, the cultural industry contributes 6% of the added value generated in France. These data come from “The contribution of culture to the economy in France”, December 2013, … Read more

Spotlight on the “PuR eSport” school for video game professions in Draguignan


Enlarged premises… for an overflowing ambition. On the third floor of the imposing building at 55, avenue du 4 Septembre, Yann Camilleri is proud to present the new extension of his video game training school, “PuR eSport”. “Faced with the existing premises, we have fitted out a meeting room streaman office and a room reserved … Read more

3A, the management school that trains you in professions that make sense


Push the doors of theSchool 3Ais not insignificant, it is to choosea school that gives meaning to everyone’s commitments. The sectors of finance, marketing, management and management are constantly recruiting. 3A bets on training its students to meaningful professions in order to join all these areas of the professional world. With the health crisis, companies … Read more