School, Cambridge certification and Life Lab project: the comprehensive school 9 points to the future of its children

Recognition as a Cambridge certification body for the English language and the Life lab project. The comprehensive 9 institute of Perugia focuses on the future of its students. “In the last two years, the initiatives in support of the Italian school have allowed a very interesting field experimentation on the possible types of enhancement of … Read more

Ipsia Sandro Pertini, the ‘Let’s get out of my way now’ project for students: “They will be able to change uses and habits of the web in our future”

A project to combat the phenomenon of Cyberbullying has involved, in recent days, the professional institute Ipsia Sandro Pertini of Terni. Following a ministerial announcement – dating back to last May for the allocation of funds, by the Scholastic Office for Umbria – it was possible to put it on the ground. 2100 euros were … Read more

“Green Back to School”, a government project to mobilize and engage students – Togo


The Togolese government is continuing to mobilize stakeholders for the extension of the forest cover rate to 25% by 2025 and the achievement of its ambition to reforest one billion trees by 2030. In this dynamic, the Ministry of the Environment and Forest Resources initiated the project ” Back to school green » launched, Friday, … Read more

Fa.Mi.Re.Do .: a training, inclusion, intercultural project


Fa.Mi.Re.Do. is a project funded within the FAMI, the “2014-2020 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund” of the Ministry of the Interior, a financial instrument of European derivation which aims to promote an integrated management of migratory flows by supporting all aspects of the phenomenon. The Leading Body is the Municipality of Bergamothe partners who supported … Read more

Project The school adopts a monument®, the ITE Grimaldi


In the evocative Auditorium del National Archaeological Museum of Naples was held, last Thursday 29 September, Thanksgiving with the presentation of the volume “1992-2022, 30 years of The school adopts a monument®”, A book that, with words and images, tells how we tried to arouse the passion for the discovery of the history of the … Read more

The “Emotions” in kindergarten: the identification of moods in a project

“Emotions – writes Elmer in a valuable article – influence more than you can imagine: motivation, learning, decision-making, connection and much more” even if, sometimes, during some great challenges, emotions can seem more of a burden. what a blessing. Emotions in themselves can be powerful and in fact they really are especially in early childhood, … Read more

Lille global educational project


In Lille, education has always been a priority. By intervening from early childhood, and at all times of the child, the City of Lille is committed well beyond the compulsory skills of a municipality to support families and National Education so that each child can develop their potential, benefit from a quality educational path and … Read more

IT professions: the advantages of project


The importance of project-based pedagogy to quickly build skillsTo meet the requirements of companies looking for operational profiles to support them in their digital projects, project-based learning is a system particularly suited to IT professions, such as web development, system administration, software architecture… Project-based pedagogy offers students different issues that may be encountered in business … Read more

Université Côte d’Azur obtains €8 million for its French School of Artificial Intelligence project – EFELIA » PACA’s economic and political newsletter


With the “EFELIA Côte d’Azur” project, Université Côte d’Azur is the winner of the Call for expressions of interest “Skills and Professions of the Future” (CMA), operated jointly by the National Agency for Research and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation. The challenge of the project is to raise the skills of all the public … Read more