Gesso and Stura River Park: many educational proposals for the school year 2022

With the start of the new school year, the Gesso and Stura River Park has renewed many of its educational proposals aimed at all schools, from childhood to high school, previewed in the meeting held immediately after the reopening of the schools at the Casa Galimberti Museum of Cuneo. The range of proposals is increasingly … Read more

How to get the educational system out of the crisis it is going through? These are the proposals left by the panelists on the last day of the 9th Leaders for Education Summit

The second day of this important event began with the intervention of Keishia Thorpe, winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2021. From her knowledge and experience, she stated that “if Colombia wants to achieve sustainable development, it must transform the education of the most vulnerable”. As a revealing fact, the best teacher in the world … Read more

No political party raises proposals on the problem of teenage pregnancy


No political party raises proposals on the problem of teenage pregnancy in the Arequipa region. According to the president of the Regional Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (Forbes), Mercedes Neves, the candidates have shown no interest in this issue, which has maintained its similar statistics for approximately 20 years. The Online Live Birth Certificate … Read more

Policies for young people: the proposals of the M5s and Action


The 5-star Movement tries to offer young people a more stable future, with measures for employment and welfare. Action-Italia viva recognizes the category as one of the most disadvantaged. They identify real problems, but often do not offer concrete solutions. Young people in electoral programs What are the proposals of the major parties aimed at … Read more

From high school of made in Italy to less years of study: the parties’ proposals on school


There school tomorrow finds a lot of space in almost all the programs of the parties and alliances that will compete in the elections on September 25th. If for the right and for the electoral cartel of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda the fixed points are forms of indirect support for private schools and training … Read more

Innovative Schools: 1,737 proposals have arrived for the 212 to be implemented with the PNRR


Build 212 new innovative, sustainable, safe and inclusive schools. The first phase of the call envisaged by the Miur and financed according to the PNRR closes Street The construction of future innovative schools will have to respect the guidelines drawn up by the archistars ( – The call for tenders for the design and … Read more

“An intercultural work based on relationships” The MI proposals for the integration of pupils


The Ministry of Education has recently published a document containing “ideas and proposals for the integration of pupils from migrant backgrounds”. It is the third in chronological order that contains guidelines for interventions by the school system regarding the insertion of children and young people who, due to their origin or that of their family, … Read more

Elections 2022, the most discussed proposals: taxes, school and kindergartens, the Bridge


The pattern is always the same. The announcement of an effective proposal, amplified by the atmosphere of the meeting on duty, the immediate replies, almost always via social media. There campaign for the 2022 elections, compressed by the tight deadlines imposed by the sudden end of the legislature, it is already marked by a continuous … Read more

Get to know the theatrical proposals to see at the Desafiarte Festival


Within the framework of the Desafiarte 2022 Festival, from this Wednesday and until Sunday in the Carlos Giménez Hall of the Teatro Real can be seen from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.different plays under the general coordination of Marcelo Domínguez, referent of Verte Volar and Liliana Villena. The scenic proposals are the following: Wednesday 10 … Read more