Public transport: presented the new subsidized pass for university students

“We have implemented an innovative and also very courageous project. But once again the teamwork between all those involved worked and so we were able to offer university students in Umbria a public transport service that embraces the whole Region and at no cost in most cases ”. Thus the President of the Umbria Region, … Read more

Health authorities participate in the presentation of a study on public policies related to the mental health of children and adolescents in Chile

– The study, developed by the Ombudsman for Children in conjunction with the University of Chile, includes within its background a survey of adolescents from all over the country, where those consulted identify anxiety, depression and self-injury as mental health issues most worrisome among their peers. The Minister of Health Ximena Aguilera, together with the … Read more

School, town planning, beach and the new town hall: the public works plan approved in commission


(Rimini) The V Advising Committee has expressed a favorable opinion on the proposal for the Single Programming Document 2023-25, the three-year planning tool through which the Entity sets strategic and management objectives. The Dup includes a total of 43 macro objectives, assigned to the various organizational structures that make up the entity. Among the most … Read more

News The State School of Public Works: training engineers in the “solidarity transition”


The National School of Public Works of the State, ENTpe, sets up a training cycle called “Transitions”, with 200 hours of dedicated courses for future engineers and executives who will shape the territories to be lived in tomorrow. Created in 1954 and located in Vaulx-en-Velin (Rhône), the National School of Public Works of the State … Read more

Public school should be abolished


The provision of education services must be undertaken by companies and organizations in the competitive sector Posted at 12:00 p.m. Marcel Boyer Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Montreal and Fellow of CIRANO and CD Howe In order to benefit fully from the opportunities offered by globalization, new information and communication technologies and … Read more

San Giorgio la Molara, the opposition attacks on the budget, public works and allowances | NTR24.TV


“The municipal administration of San Giorgio la Molara led by the Mayor Nicola De Vizio has approved the budget for 2022-2024. The “Terre di Lavoro” minority council group voted against and delivered to the municipal secretary a detailed document that demonstrates the failure to comply with the principles of consistency, truthfulness, reliability, correctness and comprehensibility, … Read more

New government, difficult to raise funds for the school contract. Worst scenario of public finances, struggle to avoid provisional exercise

It will be almost impossible to have more funds than those already allocated for the renewal of the school contract. The unions are asking for more than 100 euros for a raise, but the money is simply not there. The union forces hope that the executive can recover some funds, same wish of the Aran, … Read more

Dr. Rajmil teaches this week a course at the XXXIII School of Public Health of Menorca


The XXXIII edition of the School of Public Health of Menorca continues, analyzing the impact of social determinants on the health of the child population. In the course “How to see what is not seen? Adverse experiences in childhood, social determinants and inequalities in child health”, which runs until Wednesday 28, experts in social pediatrics … Read more

Onda Cádiz prepares a program “for children and for children” to “value” the public school in the city


The municipal television will incorporate after Christmas into its grill a weekly children’s space with the name of ‘Public with talent’, to which the students of the public centers of the capital will give content. This is how the City Council and Flampa Gades are shaping it. In addition, this course returns, after the pandemic, … Read more