Construction without generational change: “For every pupil who leaves school, four would be needed”

Bergamo. What do schools and a construction company have in common? The answer is simple: they both build. The first forms the minds, the second builds the reality that surrounds us. One is complementary to the other. And precisely to strengthen the bond between the two he was born in Bergamo “The Future is in … Read more

Teacher expelled from all schools for having a relationship with a pupil, the solidarity of a colleague

On the page Facebook of this newspaper readers, especially teachers and women, sided largely in favor of the teacher banned for life from school and “from any other form of public employment” because of a relationship with a pupil. There are those who denounce the criterion of two weights and two measures, those who mention … Read more

At the assembly of the Arnaldo high school pupil pulled by the principal


from Valerio Morabito The expected face to face between the head teacher Tecla Fogliata and the pupils was held yesterday morning in the courtyard and not in the Aula Magna Tense climate at the Arnaldo high schoolin these days at the center of the attention of the national press due to the ongoing clash between … Read more

Pupil collapses at school, is saved by a teacher and goes into a deep coma: after months she manages to graduate


A near tragedy which has turned into a story with a happy ending. Everything has been told in the pages of the Corriere della Serawhere we read that Antigonaa 20-year-old who has been in a for months almost irreversible comashe finally managed to graduate from the Buontalenti Hotel Institute in Florence, albeit late, with a … Read more

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW … A school with only one pupil causes less scandal than a school


by Fiore Isabella Last year, these days, rummaging through a drawer of my memories as a retired teacher, I intervened with increased passion, but also with sobriety and expressive delicacy, on the theme of school organization in the peripheral areas of our territory. He urged me to intervene a news released by a local newspaper … Read more

Equipped pupil, how to identify it: for an effective inclusive teaching

In the world of school engaged in the multiplicity of functions and bureaucratic obligations that often reduce the vital energy of the teaching staff itself, the recognition of gifted subjects still today turns out to be a difficult task also due to the absence of a single definition shared by all. , and also for … Read more