Climate emergency in Medellín: Quintero prioritized strategies to prevent overflows of the 170 streams on red alert

The District prioritizes investment in disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change. Photo via: The mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero Streetdeclared this November 24 that the city is in a climate emergency, given the latest cases that have been witnessed in the city of eternal spring after heavy rainfall, flooding, mass movements, among … Read more

Green light for El Quintero school to be called ‘Mayor Alexis Tejera Lemes’

The initiative of the City Council of San Bartolomé aims to be a recognition of those who fought so hard for the construction of the new educational center Digital Lancelot Green light for the new El Quintero school to be renamed ‘Mayor Alexis Tejera Lemes’, as decided this … Read more

Medical teams from the Quintero Hospital of the SSVQ network go to the field to assess the school community in the face of environmental contingency episodes


The new care strategy of the teams in the field allows for a timely assessment of the situation and an immediate response, while the staggered care plan is activated at the Adriana Cousiño de Quintero Hospital. The latest environmental emergencies in Quintero and Puchuncaví have required the teams at the Adriana Cousiño Hospital in Quintero … Read more