It is illegal, the “voluntary” quota in Baja California schools

The State Congress approved an exhortation addressed to the secretary of education Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides to instruct the directors of public primary, secondary and upper secondary schools to refrain from charging mandatory fees under the guise of being voluntary. Deputy Sergio Moctezuma Martínez López, from Morena, warned that school fees in public schools are … Read more

School pensions, after 102 in 2023 we return to Fornero. There are those who propose quota 41 or 104

Once upon a time there was a quota of 102 that allowed the exit from work, even for school staff, with 64 years of age and 38 of contributions. After a quota of 100 which allowed the exit from the world of work with at least 62 years of age and 38 of contributions, in … Read more

Pensions, parties compete to promise exceptions to the Fornero Law, Anief asks for the school to return to Quota 96 with free redemption of the degree

Enough exceptions to the Fornero Law: from January 2023, after four years of exceptions, those who retire will be able to use only the ordinary exit rules, then leave work at 67 or with almost 43 years of contributions. Thus damaging the projects of hundreds of thousands of workers, who with their families had already … Read more