He quotes BRAQUE, reveals the projects and presents his wishes: Dominique CHAMBENOIT at the time of the chef’s surprises!

He had promised surprises, Dominique CHAMBENOIT, before approaching the ceremony of vows, allowing his constituents to live their first reunion of the year in their commune. They were therefore at the rendezvous, Saturday at the village hall! Starting with the aubade, concocted by the Vladimir COSMA School of Music, which punctuated with its tunes borrowed … Read more

Ron Swanson’s Best Quotes, Ranked | Pretty Reel

There is simply no one who compares to Ron Swanson. The mustachioed, government-hating, food-loving, and not-at-all-boyfriend government employee is arguably one of the funniest characters in all of sitcom history. Played to perfection by Nick Offerman, Ron Swanson constantly spews comic gold and somewhat inspirational quotes that oddly make sense. Ever since the Park and … Read more

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Read the update With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever exploring themes of loss and grief, it doesn’t feature the same level of humor as most MCU projects. But while the jokes don’t always work, these great superhero movies have often turned out to be great comedies, and fans continue to highlight some of the MCU’s funniest … Read more

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Tim Burton’s take on The Addams Family, Wednesday, just dropped on Netflix and quickly started climbing into the top ten. The show follows Wednesday Addams as she tries to find her independence from her parents at Nevermore Academy, while dealing with a mysterious killer who has a fatal connection to her. While the show will … Read more

Emily Blunt, John Krasinski’s Parenting Quotes About Daughters


Their greatest roles! Whereas Emily Blunt and Jean Krasinski are acclaimed actors and directors, they tout parenthood as their greatest achievement. “It really is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me,” said the the devil wears Prada actress gushed vogue in April 2014 of her first pregnancy. “I feel great, even though I … Read more

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The following article contains major spoilers for The School for Good and Evil. Netflix’s long-awaited School for Good and Evil has proven to be worth the wait, doing justice to Soman Chainani’s beloved fantasy tale about two best friends who defy expectations when they’re sorted into the “wrong” school divisions. Many factors contribute to the … Read more