Teachers on social media, their posts are very often read by school principals and sometimes with disciplinary consequences

It wouldn’t be the first time that a head teacher opens a disciplinary procedure against some teacher for his facebook posts, but the offending post must really have the details of disciplinary action and not be a legitimate opinion or the critical sense of a legitimate and free thought. Sometimes the posts made on social … Read more

He dreams of being a marine scientist, but needs special tutoring to help him read


Adrián Gutiérrez-Elbers rubs his eyes and looks up from the ground, his face lighting up when the topic of conversation turns to one of his favorite hobbies. “I saw a barracuda,” says the 16-year-old, cheerfully recounting a recent scuba diving excursion with his father. Underwater creatures fascinate him, and he hopes to be a marine … Read more

Does school prepare you for work or for life? Malpezzi (Pd) against Valditara: studying serves to decode thought, having tools to read reality


Senator Simona Malpezzi (Pd) Does school primarily serve to train young people, preparing them to become citizens or to find work? Anyone who understands didactics knows well that training has the initial purpose of promoting individual development, supporting everyone’s aptitudes; among the results of this process there is also the introduction of young people into … Read more

The top 10 most read articles from the “Fil good” newsletter in 2022


Every Monday evening, the newsletter “Fil good” brings you its selection of comforting news, beautiful stories, wonderful encounters, constructive ideas, published by the editorial staff of the World. At the end of the year, we invite you to read or re-read the articles that have pleased the nearly 80,000 readers registered with the “Fil good”; … Read more

In Italy, parents return to school to read to children


Marino Sinibaldi, president of the Book and Reading Center (Cepell), which together with the Association of Italian Publishers (AIE) promotes one of the most important national events for the dissemination of reading, #ioleggoperché, recently stated : “ This is a valuable event that over the years has showcased the world of reading we support. » … Read more