The filming of the reality show inspired by Squid Game is underway, but a medical emergency is triggered on the set

Medical emergency on the set of the reality show The Challenge inspired by Squid Game A small number of reality show contestants Squid Game: The Challenge appears to have required medical attention on set, after the first game inspired by the series took place. The reason it would have been the ongoing cold snap in … Read more

At school with the viewer: the experience of augmented and virtual reality at the Fanti High School

It doesn’t take much for 1F, 1H and 2G students to understand how to manage themselves in augmented reality: from the menu they open a large window through which they enter the green room and start interacting with their classmate who is in another connected room to achieve the purpose assigned to them. No longer … Read more

Internal Noise merges interpretation and virtual reality with the premiere of ‘Cervantes, enchanted’


Internal Noise will premiere its latest production on January 25: ‘Cervantes, enchanted’, a production that delves into the Spanish Golden Age and the work and figure of the author of Don Quixote with a surprising format that combines the physical presence of an actor with virtual reality on stage. It will be at the Palacio … Read more

School: the Dino Carlesi pole in Pontedera is a reality


The Polo “Dino Carlesi” in Pontedera it is a matter of fact. This afternoon the inauguration of the second lot, to complete the structure which, since last September, has already housed the 600 students of the Saffi primary school and Curtatone and Montanara secondary school. At the disposal of the city there are now also … Read more

School phobia: fad or deep reality? ⋅ Inserm, Science for health


Multifactorial and difficult to measure, school phobia still suffers from the image of a non-serious, even feigned disorder. A team from Inserm therefore investigated throughout France to shed light on this phenomenon, accentuated by the health crisis. An article to be found in the magazine ofInserm #55 School phobia remains difficult to quantify in France, … Read more

in Cagliari the novelty is in the name of virtual reality – Sassari News


Cagliari. Face a training course after middle school which provides for a strong specialization in virtual reality and immersive experiences offered by new technologies. It is one of news coming in September 2023 in Cagliari for those who will choose to face a three-year IeFP, i.e. vocational education and training, as an alternative to traditional … Read more

Does school prepare you for work or for life? Malpezzi (Pd) against Valditara: studying serves to decode thought, having tools to read reality


Senator Simona Malpezzi (Pd) Does school primarily serve to train young people, preparing them to become citizens or to find work? Anyone who understands didactics knows well that training has the initial purpose of promoting individual development, supporting everyone’s aptitudes; among the results of this process there is also the introduction of young people into … Read more

Wednesday: Nevermore Academy’s castle exists in reality!


Did you know ? The castle of Nevermore Academy in the Wednesday series exists in real life! It is even very impressive! In the Wednesday series, everything has been thought out to make the tone more morose and gothic. Even the castle of Nevermore Academy really exists in reality! MCE TV tells you everything from … Read more

5 innovative ideas for using augmented reality in the classroom


More and more often we talk about augmented reality, different from virtual reality, to be applied to multiple areas of our lives. From a simple business meeting to small everyday actions, this one comes in handy. Many have wondered whether this tool, if you can call it that, is also necessary in school teaching. Based … Read more