Defense College receives award for “Excellence” by the US

The National Defense College (CDN), which functions as a postgraduate center for the Honduran Armed Forces (AF.AA.), received the “Excellence” award in the institutional category for the year 2022, awarded by the Center for Studies Hemispheric “William J. Perry”, from the United States of America. The award was presented at a special ceremony held in … Read more

If he receives funding, Woody Allen could make a movie in Colombia

In the same way, the filmmaker does not rule out recording in Buenos Aires, in Argentina, or in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard Rifkin’s Festival is the most recent title of one of the creations of the American filmmaker, Woody Allen. The tape, as the American usually does, recounts the details of a … Read more

Cinemes Girona receives the Pepón Coromina Award and launches annual subscriptions at a reduced price


The three rooms of the Barcelonans Cinemas Girona they fight, like the rest of the exhibition, to offer a varied and quality program, in order to continue attracting the public in these difficult times. He has just received the Pepón Coromina Award from the Catalan Film Academy and is still selling his annual subscription at … Read more

University, «Pisa welcomes talent», Scuola Sant’Anna receives candidates


Listen to the audio version of the article The written tests for the admission competition to enter the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa begin, the second step after the admission test: the first are those for admission to the Engineering area scheduled for Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 July at 2.30 pm at the “Porta … Read more

For the third consecutive year Dulces de la Rosa receives the Socially Responsible Company award


By Diego Morales Heredia // Without quotas or buddies, nor favoritism, the new ombudsman in Jalisco will be legitimately elected based on the regulatory framework that empowers the State Congress, as stated by the deputy of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Hortensia Noroña Quezada, head of the Rights Commission Human Rights and Original Peoples, who … Read more