Climate emergency in Medellín: Quintero prioritized strategies to prevent overflows of the 170 streams on red alert

The District prioritizes investment in disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change. Photo via: The mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero Streetdeclared this November 24 that the city is in a climate emergency, given the latest cases that have been witnessed in the city of eternal spring after heavy rainfall, flooding, mass movements, among … Read more

25 November: flash mob in Nola with 14 mayors and a maxi red papier

A maxi red shoe measuring 5 meters by 3, made of papier-mâché in the city’s artisan shops. Then the mayors of the 14 municipalities of Area N23 for a flash mob in Piazza Duomo in Nola with over 500 students from the schools of Nola, Saviano, Visciano and Tufino. It is scheduled for the morning … Read more

Simone wins tickets for the premiere of “La Stranezza” and walks the red carpet at the Rome Film Fest: “It was incredible”

No sooner said than done. We promised our community that the most creative of the participants in the social casting of in collaboration with Medusa Film he would have had the opportunity to take part in the Rome Film Fest. For him, in fact, and for a companion, we have put up for grabs … Read more

“USSR, the red empire”, on Arte: detailed chronicle of the history of the country of the soviets


Soviet propaganda poster from 1956. BILDERWELT GALLERY ARTE – TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 AT 8:55 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY The defunct USSR (1922-1991), born just a century ago from the union between Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Transcaucasia (a region made up of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan ), has inspired numerous documentaries. Recently, some even struck the spirits … Read more

Cub School, school building: it is red alert. We want concrete gestures


We have been repeating it for years: the buildings that occupy our schools are not safe. And, as demonstrated by the very recent collapse of the auditorium of the Faculty of Geology in Cagliari, neither are those hosting university courses. The alarm is uselessly raised every year by the report of Legambiente Ecosistema school. The … Read more

Francophone school districts: millions of dollars in the red


Increased use of substitute teachers and inflation are expected to result in multi-million dollar deficits in New Brunswick school districts. According to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, all seven school districts in the province’s French and English sectors have reported upward spending projections. The director general of the District scolaire francophone du … Read more

Two Egyptian musicals from the 1970s will screen at the Red Sea Film Festival


JEDDAH: Movie buffs can rejoice: they will attend screenings of restored versions of two Egyptian musical cinema classics, at the second Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah, to be held in December. In collaboration with Arabic Radio and TelevisionNetworkthe film investment holding company of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, and Media Production City in … Read more

Free and open source express: Free at School, Linux in Russia, Red Hat, Bitwarden


Image: “Keep calm and use open source” (MedithIT/CC by) Alternatives to GAFAM in education “Teachers, parents and activists are moving to free schools from the grip of Google and Microsoft” ( This article shows the reactions against the hegemony of Microsoft in German schools, at the start of the Covid pandemic, in Denmark, where Google … Read more

Red, blue and a trophy: the best of Tu mitonnes this week


Bouffons la vie, Libé’s cooking recipescase Every Saturday, find a selection of news, recipes, good books… from our gourmet newsletter. To receive our food newsletter free of charge for two months (included without limit for subscribers), register here. Edito: Hats off to the artists in the room! Her name is Alicia Poupeney, she is room … Read more

Fernando Díaz de la Guardia, in charge of ‘Hoy en Día’ on Canal Sur: “When the red pilot is activated, respect is maximum”


Fernando Díaz de la Guardia is a journalist from Granada who has been in the world of communication for more than 30 years. He has been a writer, editor, announcer, presenter and director of programs in national and international networks. Since 2019 he has been in charge of ‘Hoy en día’, the longest-running morning magazine … Read more