Labor issues in other school service centers in the region

At CSS du Lac-Saint-Jean, 85 employees are expected to retire in 2024-2025, including 40 teachers. Annual forecasts have been made by the organization since 2013 in order to anticipate the situation for the next four years.said Véronique Leclerc, communications advisor within the organization, in an email sent Thursday. The center also specifies that several teaching … Read more

2022: France/Middle East, France’s strategic posture in a disputed region

PARIS: At the start of 2023, which continues to put the Middle East in the forefront as one of the centers of international confrontation (of which Ukraine is the current center of gravity); emblematic scenarios take precedence in any vision of a region tested by chronic crises and the decay of nation-states, and whose geostrategic … Read more

What are the main gaps in the region in terms of water and gender?


In the publication, ‘Gaps, challenges and opportunities regarding water and gender in Latin America and the Caribbean’, prepared by Silvia Saravia Matus, Economic Affairs Officer, and Marina Gil Sevilla, Senior Assistant for Economic Affairs, of the Unit for Water and Energy of the Natural Resources Division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the … Read more

TeSeO – Theater School and Occupation. Veneto Region and TSV renew the program agreement for the three


With a total of 1886 participants involved and almost 20,000 hours realized between projects of the Carlo Goldoni Theater Academythe shows of the Youth Companythe master class of the specialist phase and the courses of theatrical propaedeutics in schoolsthe 2019-2021 pilot three-year period of the TeSeO project had closed with excellent results, which received further … Read more

A look back at the key events of MARS 2022 in our region


RETROSPECTIVE. The Future & Rivers looks back today at the events that marked the region during the month of MARCH 2022. Farnham students help young Kenyans Students at Farnham Elementary raised $3,287 through various activities (making lollipops, collecting empty cans, designing Christmas cards, etc.). This sum will make it possible to pay the registration fees … Read more

Higher education institutions are summoned to work for school dropouts in the Antofagasta region


Follow here the Fan page of the digital newspaper En La Línea With the aim of coordinating joint actions to deal with school dropout and absenteeism in educational establishments, the Education Seremi of the Antofagasta region, Alberto Santander, convened an intersectoral work table for higher education institutions in the area, instance in which representatives of … Read more



School network programming plan. it was drawn up on the basis of the indications received from the Provincial Conferences competent for the area. Region-School: school network planning. Preliminary approval of the planning of the school network and the educational offer of the Sardinia Region for the 2023/2024 school year. The Programming Plan was drawn up … Read more

School canteens: Nîmes, Montpellier, Millau… have prices soared in the region because of inflation?


With galloping inflation for several months, especially on food products, some municipalities have sometimes had to resolve to increase the prices of meals in the canteen or to modify the menu. Midi Libre takes stock. The votes on the 2023 budgets, which will take place from December to March, will perhaps change the situation, but … Read more

The micropulperie of the Parchment school in production mode Estrie region


Another year at the Parchment School in East Angus also means another year at micropulpery in the class of Mr. Alexandre Dumas. The 20 or so 6th graders have already been working hard for several weeks to make several hundred Christmas cards from recycled paper. This initiative is not organized for profit, but the profits … Read more