“After Ibiza, Barcelona”, Martinez and Besancenot regret Macron’s absence at the time of the strike

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“We don’t regret it at all”: Rofrane Bambara (Large families) explains her choice to separate her quadruplets at school

Tweeter Share on Facebook Mom of quadruplets, face of the show Large families, Rofrane Bambara has a busy daily life. Yet this year, she made a choice that could surprise many: that of separating her children at school. Explanations. The continuation under this advertisement Among the Bambara, the start of the 2022 school year has … Read more

Jenifer: her great regret years after her participation in the Star Academy!


When Star Academy arrives on TF1 screens, viewers don’t know what to expect. The show is new. Young candidates find themselves in a school where they learn the profession of singer through various courses. Every weekend they show off their progress at a prime. Season 1 was won by Jenifer, who has had a brilliant … Read more

Frank Perozo: the medical student who fell into “the trap” of acting and does not regret it


Santo Domingo. DR The path that his father, Luis, who became an outstanding doctor, had traced seemed to indicate the professional path that Frank Perozo would follow. However, a detour on the road led him to collide head-on with what he defines as his true vocation, acting. As detailed, he was quite young when he … Read more