Merlina Addams: a character that no one should repair

Merlina snaps her fingers twice, and that simple sound, even without the introductory chords of the iconic Addams tune, evokes more than six decades of tradition that comes through in Merlina’s thin pigtails, her fondness for spiders, her his complicity with a hand without a body, in his relentless melancholy. wednesday (Netflix, 2022) allows us … Read more

Residents make a collection to repair a school in San Juan Nepomuceno – Nacionales – ABC Color


SAINT JOHN NEPOMUCENE. Alumni of the Colegio Nacional Defensores del Chaco in this town collected money to repair the school premises. While almost G. 2,000 million from the National Fund for Public Investment and Development (Fonacide) are not executed by the municipal authorities. The needs for building improvements in the education sector are innumerable, according … Read more