Maybe I Do Movie Review & Movie Summary (2023) | Pretty Reel

Taking place over two nights (plus a coda scene at the end), Jacobs’ film can never shake its scenic roots, featuring its six leads in pairs of two. Grace (Diane Keaton, practically parodying herself while bizarrely playing an evangelical Christian) spends the night chatting with Sam (William H. Macy, finding more humanity in her role … Read more


This week we propose, for the column BL BOOKSthe new novel by Pierfrancesco Diliberto, in art Pif: “A poor idiot’s desperate search for love” published by Feltrinelli. “Love is not a mathematical formula, you can’t fall in love by calculating.” At least that’s what Arturo thinks until he sees an old classmate, the irritating Gianfranco … Read more

Education Reform: Towards a review of school curricula


During his speech at the opening of the session, Monday, January 09, the president of the Higher Council for Education, Habib Malki immediately defined the course: “overcome the challenges that hinder the development of the education sector, the implementation of school programs adapted to the requirements of development, the teaching of languages, the improvement of … Read more

The Pale Blue Eye: review that turns the eye on Netflix


Cooper squared Gus Landor, gruff and aging commissioner, is dragged back by the skin of his buttocks from his derelict cottage to investigate the murder of a West Point Military Academy student. There, he meets one of the victim’s classmates: Edgar Allan Poe, an aspiring poet and school Turk. Impressed by this ugly duckling’s sense … Read more

Harry Potter: The Wizarding Challenge, review: who will win the House Cup? | Pop culture


We recently told you about Harry Potter: Master of Spells, a board game that through some exams makes you one of the best magicians ever. Following this line of challenges and skill learning comes, again thanks to Asmodee Italy, Harry Potter: The Wizarding Challengea party games set in the last days of the school year … Read more

“Sguardiattivi”, the review that brings students back to the cinema | Movies | Rai School


The project starts in December 2022 until January 2023 Active looks which reports 2000 secondary school students of the first and second grade of the province of Rome and Viterbo in the cinemas after almost three years of forced absence, under the banner of the motto #Let’s go back to the cinema! It begins on … Read more

Matilda The Musical by Roald Dahl: Netflix movie review


Roald Dahl’s famous novel comes back to life in a musical version taken from a 2010 theater show, where the engaging skill of the cast in the dance and singing numbers shines above all. Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical Official Synopsis: Matilda Wormwood (Alisha Weir) is a very curious little girl with a sharp mind … Read more

Review of school holidays in Savoie Mont Blanc (Savoie and Haute


On the eve of the transition to the new year, the 112 resorts of the Savoie Mont Blanc destination draw up an initial assessment of the Christmas holidays. One occupancy rate (TO) commercial accommodation in 6% increase for these three weeks of vacation The success of flexible stays supporting an unfavorable calendar … Read more

“Ardiente paciencia”: the first Chilean film on Netflix, a story of love and poetry | REVIEW


Mario (Andrew Bargsted) has quit his job as a fisherman with his father and is preparing to look for a new job. After asking some references, he receives an opportunity as a postman in the post office of Isla Negra, a town in southern Chile. This new trade will allow him to experience two fundamental … Read more

The Sun of Châteauguay | REVIEW JANUARY 2022


For Marie-Claude Hamelin, the virtual return to school of her children Étienne and Daphnée (our photo) has been disorganized. (Photo: Le Soleil de Châteauguay – Archives) A few days before the return to class, scheduled for January 17, the virtual return to school was synonymous with disorganization for a mother residing … Read more