International day of people with disabilities: from school to sport, rights at risk even in the Como area

Chronicle / Como city Saturday 03 December 2022 Today A day established in 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly for the promotion of the rights and well-being of disabled people: but, from school to sport, there is still a long way to go and the potential to be stimulated is infinite Being a community … Read more

The dilapidated San Valentín School of 500 Homes, at risk of collapsing

Part of the perimeter of the building San Valentín School in the 500 Viviendas neighborhood of the capital this cordoned off as a preventive measure due to the risk of rubble falling from the façade to the public road. It’s about a building declared in ruins both by the technicians City hall like those of … Read more

Budget Law, numerous schools in Sardinia at risk: “They will be cancelled”


Sardinia risks an unprecedented cancellation of schools. The budget law approved on 21 November by the council of ministers provides for it. The news began to circulate among insiders, after reading the provision, then ended up on specialized sites and now to the attention of Anci Sardegna, the association that brings together the municipalities of … Read more

CGIL against school chaplaincy: secularism at risk, the school is not a place of worship


TERAMO – We learned from the press that the Agricultural Institute of Piano d’Accio will host one Diocesan school chaplaincy and various meetings will be held on topics relating to: ”The New Question of God. The head teacher of IIS Di Poppa – Rozzi declared it with enthusiasm. The intent would be to allow … Read more

Axes on Citizenship Income, in Campania three out of four beneficiaries are at risk


A very large group of recipients of the Basic income the benefit is starting to lose from September 2023. Campania has been in first place in the ranking of subsidy recipients since the institution of the measure in the spring of three years ago. The same goes for Naples which, since May 2019, has been … Read more

Six overcrowded schools, students from Rome and its province risk “moving”


The future of the six comprehensive institutions in Rome and its province which currently have problems of overcrowding will be decided by 20 December 2022. The council of the Lazio Region has approved the guidelines on the planning of the school network for the year 2023/24. One of the most important issues addressed by the … Read more

Risk Management forum. “The world of disabilities asks above all for services”. The speech of the Minister for Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli

by Marzia Caposio The promise is to put the needs of fragile and disabled families at the center by actively involving all the actors and listening to the needs of the Regions 22 NOV – Shortage of health personnel, disabilities and territorial differences. And then school, training and long-term investments. These are the topics touched … Read more

Hydrogeological instability, 7 out of 100 schools are at risk of landslide


The hydrogeological instability spare no one. Thus, school buildings are also at risk. On average, 6.7 percent is surveyed in areas subject to hydrogeological constraints. To say it is thelast monitoring carried out by the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (Ispra) which shows that 18.4 percent of the national surface falls into the … Read more

risk of psychological and academic difficulties in adolescence


The results of a new study led by Linda Pagani, professor at the School of Psychoeducation at the University of Montreal, show that the viewing of violent content on the screen during the preschool years is associated with an increased risk of difficulties psychological and academic in adolescence. The study has just been published in … Read more

“Imminent danger”: the pharmaceutical industry concerned about the risk of gas and electricity cuts


The pharmaceutical industry says it is “very concerned” about the risk of gas and electricity shortages this winter, and fears for the supply and production of medicines in France. The representative of pharmaceutical companies in France, Leem, fears that the players in the sector cannot ” ensure their business continuity” and cannot guarantee patients “to … Read more