Sharenting also proliferates at school: the risks

New school year, new temptations to share photos of their children on social networks. Temptation dangerous. What is sharenting, at school Is called sharenting the tendency to share the lives of their children on social networks, a habit that also spreads in the classrooms that children return to populate without masks after two years of … Read more

The privacy of students at school, between risks and safeguards

The one that has just begun will be remembered as the first post-pandemic school year, with no more masks or restrictions of any kind. It is a real return to normality, after two years marked by an exceptional regime of prohibitions and restrictions in the performance of educational activities, often suspended in the presence and … Read more

Messaoud Boudiba. Cnapeste spokesperson: “A school year of transition which risks experiencing turbulence…”


– With the return to a classic education system and a new subject in primary school, how does the 2022-2023 school year look? The start of the 2022-2023 school year comes after a very difficult health crisis phase imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic which lasted nearly 3 years. We lived through a very harsh situation … Read more

Cut to bills, but schools closed one day a week in autumn: so Italy risks paying for the gas emergency


The gas price continues to be skyrocketing and given the link with theelectric energy, the cost of bills risks becoming unsustainable for Italian families and businesses. The prices, as confirmed by Arera, are intended at least for double in October. This is why the party pressing on the resigning Draghi government for a extraordinary interventionwith … Read more

Are teachers and students insured in the event of an accident at school? Yes, but for few risks: Inail wants to expand the protections


We need to extend the insurance coverage of risks for their own safety and health that students and teachers they face every day going to school: to support it is theInail, directly through the words of the president of the Institute, Franco Bettoni. Among the future priority actions of Inail is “that of continuing the … Read more

School supplies: what health risks?


Workbooks, ballpoint pens, erasers or highlighters… None of these objects that fill school bags have escaped the vigilance of the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) . In a report published this Thursday, July 7 and based on numerous independent studies, it indicates that it has identified many chemical substances of … Read more

School holidays: what are the risks for parents who withdraw their children before the end of school?


By APEI Press Agency Published on Jun 24 ’22 at 11:24 News See my news Follow this media As a reminder, school is compulsory from 3 to 16 years old in France. (©Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – News Occitanie) For zones A, B and C, the School vacation summer will begin this year on a Thursday … Read more

Internet risks increased in pandemic

After the declaration of the pandemic in 2020, drastic confinement measures were quickly taken into account. As a reaction, the digital transformation accelerated without precedent in all ages, many of them were not taken into account and generated cyber risks. IMPACT Cybersecurity expert Miguel Ángel Gaspar spoke about the consequences of Covid-19, digitally speaking. He … Read more

College of Engineers of Chile: Alert about the risks of the draft of the new Constitution in mining


The group of professionals announced during the meeting “Engineers and the Constitution: Sustainable development for Chile from engineering” a series of observations and proposals that seek to improve the document and its impact on our society. JUNE, 2022.- “It has been said that the Constitution is everyone’s home, but for it to be everyone’s it … Read more