10 Actors Who Had Huge Movie Roles Who Left Hollywood, According to Reddit | Pretty Reel

The recent announcement of Shelley Duvall’s return to the big screen after a long hiatus is good news for those who enjoyed her performance in The Shining. Although she achieved a lot of success in Hollywood, 20 years ago she decided it wasn’t for her anymore. Duvall isn’t the only one who decides Hollywood stardom … Read more

False qualifications to obtain substitutes or roles, checks by schools can take place even after years and the teacher can be fired. Ruling

With a sentence, the Court of Appeal accepted the complaint of the Ministry of Education and rejected the application proposed by a teacher, concerning the challenge of disciplinary dismissal for having produced a false attestation relating to the diploma of a two-year specialization course for teachers of support in order to obtain a temporary post … Read more

María Gijón, gender expert: “Sexist toys perpetuate roles that pigeonhole girls in the care and importance of their image”

To educate in equality it is essential to do so without stereotypes, learn to recognize them, and mothers and fathers deconstruct themselves to reduce their behavior to the maximum. This is what the expert in gender and coeducation believes Maria Gijon Sanchez (Madrid, 1982), known for her social media account Educate without stereotypes and what … Read more

Educating for pride from games, roles and school is essential for a more inclusive society


On International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day, clinical and educational sexologist Analía Lilian Pereyra offers us a reflection. This article is in line with the Principles campaign that Grupo Atlántida faces, this time the theme chosen is #AndarLibres. On June 28, 1969, in a small bar in New York City called Stonewallinn, the police broke into the … Read more