The parents of the IC Forlanini in Rome launch a petition to say enough to the inefficiencies of the Italian school

Home » Territories » The parents of the IC Forlanini in Rome launch a petition to say enough to the inefficiencies of the Italian school ROME – ‘Manifesto for a better school‘is the name of the petition launched on from the parents ofComprehensive Institute Piazza Forlanini in Rome to focus attention on future of … Read more

IV Municipio, Rome, eats healthy so the catering in school canteens changes

The innovative catering service developed by Elior for schools: an educational, creative and playful project to be developed throughout the year with students, teachers and parents to raise awareness and educate on a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet. A plan for nearly 20,000 children IV Municipality of Rome Mangiasano the conference presentation initiative (AGR) Presented … Read more

Rome, 16 years old beaten by the pack in front of school: the attacker identified, he is 19 years old. Hunt for the four accomplices


The Ostia police identified the person responsible for the attack that took place in front of the Carlo Urbani school against a 16-year-old on Wednesday morning. A real punitive expedition, according to what was ascertained by the agents of the Ostia police station, led by a 19-year-old boy. Investigators from the X District came to … Read more

National Dyslexia Week from 3 to 9 October, the main events in Rome, Turin, Prato and Naples

The seventh edition of the National Dyslexia Week will be held from 3 to 9 October 2022, organized by AID Associazione Italiana Dyslexia in conjunction with the European Dyslexia Awareness Week, promoted by the European Dyslexia Association (EDA). In a consolidated appointment to spread awareness on dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) and to … Read more

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, inizia il conto alla rovescia


Un’edizione speciale preceduta da una serie di appuntamenti, tra cui il nuovo format Commonground: tre giorni di eventi e dibattiti su tre temi strategici: salute, elettronica, cultura Innovazioni, idee geniali e progetti che hanno cambiato la vita di tanti di noi e anticipato il futuro di cui abbiamo bisogno. “Maker Faire Rome – The European … Read more

Entretien avec Sam Stourdzé, directeur de la Villa Médicis à Rome


Sam Stourdzé dirige l’Académie de France à Rome, la plus prestigieuse institution culturelle française à l’étranger, depuis seulement dix-huit mois et, déjà, un vent nouveau souffle sur elle. Rencontre. IDEAT : A-t-il été difficile de quitter Les Rencontres d’Arles ? Surtout après l’annonce en 2020 d’une édition qui n’a pas pu avoir lieu… Sam Stourdzé : … Read more

School, the PNA in Rome denounces: new year but still old problems


Listen to the audio version of the article «In a few days a new school year begins in the middle of the electoral campaign to elect the new parliament and all the politicians express opinions, opinions and suggestions on the school, often providing unclear and difficult to pass solutions. Their arguments, in fact, lack a … Read more

Rome, the floating cinema at the Eur lake is coming


Sakura in bloom at the Parco del Laghetto dell’Eur in Rome Also this summer the Floating Theater Summer Fest returns from 18 August to 25 September. The floating cinema of the capital allows you to watch the best films under the stars in a unique location. The environmentally friendly zero-impact arena – immersed in the … Read more

School, the Municipality of Rome hires 600 new teachers for infant and nursery schools


More teachers indefinitely for nests and schools of childhood of Rome Capital. This is the commitment undertaken by the municipal administration through a junta memorandum approved at the end of July. The commitment is clear: to guarantee a functional presence of educators and teachers for the little ones to follow. Why after two years of … Read more

Rome, Coni di Montelibretti sports center, a redevelopment project is ready


Paolo Giomi 03 September 2022 A project in some ways mammoth, which in addition to redeveloping (finally) one of the most important federal centers in Central Italy it seems destined to give the Sabine territory an infrastructure that is more strategic than ever, in a border area between the provinces of Rome and Rieti. For … Read more