The new curriculum received contributions from 75 institutions, the majority from the ruling party

The new school curriculum that is intended to be applied starting this year received contributions from 75 institutions, most of them related to the Government. Teachers assure that none of their suggestions were incorporated into this new plan. “Several organizations presented their proposals for the development of the new curricular plan,” Fernando Carrión, coordinator of … Read more

Legislature: the ruling party approved the Cooperators Law and denounces that it is “persecutory” | The opposition assures that the PRO seeks “ideological control” in schools

With the votes of the ruling party and its allied blocs, the Buenos Aires Legislature approved the Law of School Cooperators. The norm regulates the operation of the associations and the opposition denounced that it restricts the participation of the educational community with the objective of “control” the cooperators. The network that brings together various … Read more

False qualifications to obtain substitutes or roles, checks by schools can take place even after years and the teacher can be fired. Ruling

With a sentence, the Court of Appeal accepted the complaint of the Ministry of Education and rejected the application proposed by a teacher, concerning the challenge of disciplinary dismissal for having produced a false attestation relating to the diploma of a two-year specialization course for teachers of support in order to obtain a temporary post … Read more

Ruling against the María Auxiliadora school


Justice ordered the reinstatement of Emanuel’s teacher. On Monday, September 19, both the school and the family were informed of the judicial measure, however, it has not yet been put into practice because the Ministry of Education, which must reinstate the integrating teacher, has not yet received the certificate. RIO GRANDE.- The Civil Chamber of … Read more

Responsibility of the head teacher in matters of safety. Significant ruling by the Court of Appeal of Campobasso


After a sentence in first instance to 12 months’ imprisonment and al compensation for very heavy damages suffered by the workerthe further technical appraisals carried out on the building following the appeal presented by the headmaster established that the headmaster and the provincial administration official responsible for the maintenance of the school buildings could not … Read more

Military service, to be evaluated in the rankings? There can be no discrimination between teachers and ATA. Ruling

The appellant aspiring to be included in the 3rd tier rankings for ATA staff (administrative, technical and auxiliary) of the school, acted for the recognition of military conscription when updating the rankings. The Council of State pronounces favorably with sentence dated 08/23/2022 No. 07383/2022. The contested actThe ministerial decree was challenged for the part of … Read more

Disappointment and surprise in New York over Supreme Court ruling on weapons

First modification: 06/23/2022 – 19:32Last modification: 06/23/2022 – 19:30 New York (AFP) – Both the New York authorities and the ordinary population expressed their surprise and indignation at the Supreme Court ruling that allows the carrying of weapons in public and warn that the decision will breed more violence and undermine public safety. The ruling, … Read more

Law 104, school, PEI and rejection. A ruling by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court


In case of failure to achieve the objectives set by the IEP, the student with disabilities must be repeated the year As we know, the IEP – Individualized Education Plan – is the central document that guide all didactic activity for pupils and students with disabilities, with a “differentiated” didactic program. The IEP … Read more