Amsafe accepted the government’s salary offer and will no longer make any more strikes

The provincial assembly of Amsafe accepted today, by 18,222 votes in favor and 14,774 against, the salary offer presented last Monday by the Government and in this way the teaching conflict marked by almost 20 days of unemployment since the beginning of last August was overcome. The main variable that many teachers had when voting … Read more

The salary of principals higher than 73% of that of teachers, says the OECD: but the gap that burns is another

Within the annual report ‘Education at a Glance 2022 – Education at a glance ‘, published on 3 October to compare the levels of education in 38 world countries, including Italy, there are at least two data on which it is worth dwelling. Both are sadly distressing. The first concerns the salaries of our teachers: … Read more

Paritarias: the government summoned Amsafé teachers to resume the salary discussion


Read more ► Due to the teaching conflict, the public school will have 25 days of classes in 44 business days In this regard, Pusineri explained that “in the framework of the instance of collective dialogue that we are carrying out with the teachers’ unions of the province of Santa Fe, we convene a new … Read more

Absences for serious illnesses: clarifications on salary reductions and use of unused holidays


Absences due to serious illnesses are subject to the wage reduction pursuant to art. 71 of Legislative Decree no. 112/2008 converted into Law 133/2008? In case of absence due to serious illness, when will it be possible for ATA staff to take advantage of the holidays accrued and not taken during this period? These two … Read more

Deputies approve almost ¢273 million for salary increase of ministers |


Legislative Plenary. (File/CRH). ( -With 44 votes in favor, the Legislative Assembly approved this Thursday almost ¢273 million to finance the increase of about 100% of the managers’ salaries of 7 ministries during the second half of this year. Resources are included in third budget extraordinary of the Republic for 2022 that was voted in … Read more

Learn about the Cosmetology career: duration, salary and opportunities


For those who love aesthetic beauty and skin health, a career in Cosmetology could be what they are looking for. And it is that studies in cosmetology allow you to turn your creativity and interest into a potential business, in addition to the pleasure of making other people feel good, since you will be taking … Read more

New training of tenured teachers: from paths to salary to the qualification of expert teacher. ALL INFO

The DL n. 36/2022, converted into law no. 79/2022, in addition to redefining the initial training and recruitment system for secondary school, introduced a new model of training and permanent updating of permanent teachers. Articulation of training courses, verifications and remuneration. New system Pursuant to article 16-ter of the new Legislative Decree 59/2017, as amended … Read more

Briatore, his son’s school costs more than a year’s salary


Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore spared no expense for their son: the tuition of the school that Nathan will attend it costs more than a year’s salary for one of his waiters. We are talking about the International School of Monaco, one of the best known and most prestigious institutes in the city. Briatore spares … Read more

Expert teacher: 9 years of training for 15% more in the salary, but there is a three

Decree n.115 of 9 August 2022, as is known, introduces the figure of the expert teacher. The measure provides that tenured teachers have achieved a positive evaluation for three consecutive three-year training courses they can accrue the right to an allowance ad personam amounting to € 5,650 gross per year, which are added to the … Read more

Salary increase for teachers, unions warn: no propaganda and promises printed on paper. Concrete actions are needed

No propaganda and promises printed only on paper. The school needs concrete facts and actions. We can summarize in this way the thought of the trade unions that have commented on the Democratic Party’s proposal to increase the salaries of teachers by the end of the next legislature, in the event that it should rise … Read more