This week we propose, for the column BL BOOKSthe new novel by Pierfrancesco Diliberto, in art Pif: “A poor idiot’s desperate search for love” published by Feltrinelli. “Love is not a mathematical formula, you can’t fall in love by calculating.” At least that’s what Arturo thinks until he sees an old classmate, the irritating Gianfranco … Read more

Blogs | “In search of lost time”: early school leaving, what to do?

“If you lose the difficult kids, school is no longer school. It is a hospital that treats the healthy and rejects the sick”. With these words Don Milani wanted to highlight one of the founding values ​​of the school: the equity. And precisely on the basis of this inviolable principle, he operated in the conviction … Read more

While the National Education lacks teachers, the search for tutoring leaps


On Indeed, searches for home tutor positions rose 57% year-on-year in July. At the end of August, Pap Ndiaye, Minister of National Education recognized this: “We have recruitment difficulties in certain sectors, in certain academies. We have to deal with a tense situation”. In concrete terms, 4,000 teachers would be missing, a situation that worries … Read more

In Search of a European Homeland: One Hundred Years of European Representation in the Magazine Europe (Passau, Germany)


International meetig In search of a European homeland: hundred years of representation of Europe in the magazine Europe University of Passau (Germany), November 10 and 11, 2023 Organization : Marina Ortrud Hertrampf (University of Passau) & Guillaume Bridet (Sorbonne Nouvelle) “The years to come will decide the fate of Europe, to which is linked that … Read more

A Canadian filmmaker, in search of “his” tree in Israel, tackles a thorny subject


Like many North American Jewish children celebrating their bar or bat mitzvah, Jason Sherman also received a certificate that a tree had been planted in his name in Israel. In Jason Sherman’s case, it dates back to 1975, and until his first visit to Israel in 2012, at the age of 50, he thought no … Read more

In search of a strategic plan that involves production and work


The coordinator of the district table of the Provincial Council of Education and Labor (COPRET), Román Ros, when asked by this newspaper about the recent work day, stated that “the experience was very good, the participation in which It should be noted that there was a presence of recyclers, cardboard companies, social economies and student … Read more

Two days in search of secret ateliers: the 2022 edition of “Cardini” has started


by Lucia Bianchini Ateliers opened for the 2022 edition of ‘Cardini – Videoarte Experiences’, which will be held from today Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November and involved six Ferrarese ateliers and, in the organization curated by Cna Ferrara, the students of the high school 4A artistic Dosso Dossi, who will guide visitors. This edition … Read more

Funerals: the funeral sector in search of rebirth


Death, an event so extraordinarily common in the lives of individuals, remains a strangely secret moment. And the organization of funerals, the choice of rites offered and their costs, a taboo. Struggling, the bereaved families most often rely on the first funeral operator who can relieve them of the heavy task of organizing one of … Read more

“Stabbed at school in Naples, difficult to search everyone: no metal detector”


He deliberately waited a few days before speaking, Carmela Musello, dean of the Duca di Buonvicino institute, where last Tuesday a sixteen-year-old stabbed a companion for a matter related to what should be normal adolescent skirmishes and instead – between facebook and whatsapp – they unleashed the fury of the student who attacked the friend … Read more

Commercial actors in search of a place in local sports policy


They swim in the same pool, but each still tends to stay in its lane… At the local level, the actors of the private fitness brand and those of sports associations evolve in parallel. Very often, the former do not enter the spectrum of elected officials and their sports policy. On the occasion of the … Read more