Rachida Dati: her very rare secrets about Zohra, her 13

Invited on the set of “What time” presented by Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne, Rachida Dati made extremely rare confidences about her 13-year-old daughter, vis-à-vis social networks. If it is not uncommon to see Rachida Dati in news programswhere with her outspokenness she does not hesitate to step up, this is even more so when … Read more

“My Father’s Secrets”, a film that explains the Holocaust to children

“My Father’s Secrets” is an animated feature film released in theaters in France on September 21. The work, produced by Véra Belmont, which is aimed at children, accurately addresses the theme of the Shoah. It is adapted from the autobiographical comic Second Generation – what I didn’t tell my father by Belgian-Israeli author Michel Kichka. … Read more

The secrets of Leonor’s school, revealed in a horror and mystery novel


More than a year has passed since Princess Leonor began classes at Atlantic College in Wales and few details have emerged of her day-to-day life at the exclusive study center. Despite the fact that some things about the students’ routine are known, there is no concrete information regarding the eldest daughter of King Felipe and … Read more

EXCLUDED – Patrick Sébastien, his rare secrets on the “school phobia” of his daughter Lily – Gala


As he prepares to release a book on the hardships he has just gone through, Patrick Sébastien granted Gala an interview in our issue of September 22, 2022. The former presenter of France 2 talks about the school difficulties of his 15-year-old daughter Lily. Patrick Sébastien lives again. The animator-producer publishes a book entitled Live … Read more

“Les secrets de mon père” : Rencontre avec Michel Kichka


A l’occasion de la sortie du film Les Secrets de mon père, adapté du roman graphique Deuxième génération, Ce que je n’ai pas dit à mon père, Toute La Culture a rencontré l’auteur Michel Kichka, aujourd’hui caricaturiste et dessinateur en Israël. Il est revenu avec nous sur le processus d’adaptation de cette fiction autobiographique ou … Read more

Denitsa Ikonomova mom? The famous DALS dancer unpacks everything, unpublished secrets


This Saturday, July 9, in the show 50′ inside we learned more about Denitsa Ikonomova, including her new home. The pretty brunette confided in her personal life. One thing is sure, she knows exactly what she wants and motherhood is part of it! But, it is not the only one to decide! Denitsa Ikonomova, where … Read more

Ducobu President: new face, staggered exit, how to renew yourself … Elie Semoun’s comedy reveals its secrets


In theaters on July 13, Ducobu President is the 4th opus in a successful saga carried by Elie Semoun as a clumsy and irascible schoolteacher. Since 2011, Ducobu has given his teacher, Monsieur Latouche, a hard time in colorful adaptations of Zidrou and Godi’s comics. In all, the 3 feature films attracted around 4 million … Read more

Laurence Boccolini: his unpublished secrets about his suffering and fight against the disease

Laurence Boccolini has everything to be happy today. Indeed, she is recognized in her profession and is one of the favorite TV game hosts of the French. On the personal side, she is looking for her other half, but she can take comfort in her daughter, Willow. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. … Read more

Harry Potter: 10 Secrets About Hogwarts You Didn’t Know


Harry Potter is full of secrets. This is the case of his famous Hogwarts school. Today, place to 10 little facts about this emblematic castle of the franchise! Credit: Warner Bros. Impossible to ignore the existence of Harry Potter. Franchising has been unleashing passions for several decades and is making its way into all areas. … Read more