On secularism at school, Pap Ndiaye castigates “professional agitators”

On secularism at school, Pap Ndiaye castigates “professional agitators” On secularism at school, Pap Ndiaye castigates “professional agitators” SECULARITY – The port of “Islamic outfits” in school up? guest of 4 Truthsthis Tuesday, October 4 on France 2, the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye mentioned an increase, in 2022, in the number of “reports” … Read more

Revolt of Iranian women, attacks on secularism at school… France facing the new battles of the veil

the essential Since September 16 and the death of Masha Amini, a 22-year-old young woman arrested by the police because she was wearing her veil badly, Iranian women have taken off their veils and burned them during demonstrations harshly repressed by the authorities. This movement echoes the situation in France where the wearing of the … Read more

Secularism at school: in most cases “complicated situations are resolved through dialogue”, says a teacher union


Rémy Sirvent, national secretary of the SE-Unsa teachers’ union, asks, Saturday, October 1 on franceinfo, for details on the “increase in reports” attack on secularism at school announced Friday by the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye. It highlights that in most cases, “complicated situations are resolved through dialogue”. Certain items of clothing, in particular … Read more

Secularism: the ministry warns about religious outfits in schools


Unlike his predecessor, Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye communicates little on the issue of secularism in schools and when he talks about it, it is with great caution. In June, he indicated, in ” university ” that he had ” need data before you can act on Islamic attire. However, figures … Read more

Calls to wear the qamis, to pray… Two notes from the state services warn of attacks against secularism in schools


Two notes from state services, which BFMTV was able to consult, reveal an Islamist offensive on social networks calling on students to break the rules of secularism. With the start of the new school year approaching, the messages multiplied. On Twitter but also on Tik Tok, calls to encourage students to wear the veil or … Read more

Respect for the principle of secularism at school: new assessment of the action of the values ​​teams of the Republic


The principle of secularism is at the heart of the values ​​of the Republic and at the foundation of the French education system. With freedom, equality and fraternity, secularism makes it possible to make the School a place preserved from all ideological, economic and religious proselytism. The transmission of these republican principles is at the … Read more

Concert of public school children at the sanctuary and secularism: a “sterile controversy” for the rector Mgr Ribadeau

the essential The rector of the sanctuary, Mgr Ribadeau-Dumas, responds to the controversy that agitates a concert of the Musical Offering, accused of undermining secularism. Mozart’s “Ave Verum”, sung by children and adolescents from public schools, at the sanctuary… The story has caused ink to flow and fueled the debate on secularism. The FSU unions … Read more

Islamic outfits at school: “Attacks on secularism far outnumber reported incidents”

FIGAROVOX/INTERVIEW – The presence of Islamic outfits in schools is not a new phenomenon, explains the former Inspector General of National Education Jean-Pierre Obin. The culture of “no waves” undermines secularism and provokes the preventive self-censorship of teachers. Jean-Pierre Obin is a former Inspector General of National Education. In 2004, he submitted a report on … Read more