The filming of the reality show inspired by Squid Game is underway, but a medical emergency is triggered on the set

Medical emergency on the set of the reality show The Challenge inspired by Squid Game A small number of reality show contestants Squid Game: The Challenge appears to have required medical attention on set, after the first game inspired by the series took place. The reason it would have been the ongoing cold snap in … Read more

Marseille: this famous free film school will set up at the Docks des suds

Through Arthur Sabatier Published on 12 Jan 23 at 17:20 News Marseille See my news Follow this media La CinéFabrique is a school that is one of the four public higher education schools of cinema. (©CinéFabrique) During his visit to Marseilles (Bouches-du-Rhône), Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, confirmed the opening of the CineFabrique Marseille. … Read more

Extraordinary competition bis: how places are set aside, places set aside awaiting the winner are assigned, and the characteristics of the test and training path for the winners


In view of the start of the new school year it is useful summarize the main regulatory and administrative indications (or those issued by the Ministry in the form of notes, circulars, etc.) concerning the “extraordinary bis” competition. The insolvency procedure and the reference standards With the Law Decree 73/2021 art. 59 c. 9-bis the … Read more



TOASTS – The press conference to present the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Fencing Cup was held this morning in the Mario Marino Guadalupi hall of the Palazzo di Città in Brindisi. The Committee is made up of the Municipality of Brindisi, represented by the Mayor Riccardo Rossi, by the Istituto Comprensivo Commenda with the … Read more

Near Moret: TF1 should once again set up its cameras in this village to shoot a series


By Geoffrey Faucheux Published on 14 Dec 22 at 19:02 The Republic of Seine et Marne See my news Follow this media In May 2021, the SAM series had already settled in Flagy for about ten days ©GF/RSM77 Flagya small town located a few kilometers from Moret, is definitely a village conducive to filming. Indeed, … Read more

The CSVnet Piemonte association was set up in Turin


In the headquarters of Volontariato Torino ETS, in Turin, she was the CSVnet Piemonte association was establishedwhose new president is Gerardo Gatto, member of the Executive Council of Vol.To ETS, while the deputy vice president is Daniele Giaime representing the Centro Solidarietà e Sussidiarietà Servizi per il Territorio Novara VCO ETS. The Organization, non-partisan, non-denominational, … Read more

Education set dates for discussions with parents about school violence in Río Negro

School violence spreads in Río Negro. This week, the managers of Alto Valle made public their concern regarding the vulnerability that this situation exposes them to. Days before, the Minister of Education, Pablo Núñez had advanced institutional conferences with parents and students to address the problem. The directors made their concern transparent and highlighted Núñez’s … Read more

School support: what projects can we set up?


By Dorothee Pierry November 28, 2022 . In France, there is various support projects to allow the schooling in ordinary environment of the greatest number of pupils. These support programs represent real aid for the schooling of students who need it. The Individualized Care Project (PAI), first of all, is aimed at children suffering from … Read more

Mali • Reopening of closed schools in the north: the three conditions set by Islamists • Malijet


In Mali, students officially returned to school on October 3, 2022. Despite the effectiveness of this start of the school year, it must be noted that many schools are still closed, particularly in the north and center of the country, in cause of insecurity. The Ministry of National Education reveals that “nearly 1,500 schools” are … Read more