Severe disability and right to school, the appeal presented by Roberta’s family is rejected

The family ordered to pay the legal costs Roberta is 6 years old and is affected by a rare disease, campomelic acampomelic dysplasia, a disease that causes a very severe disability. Roberta has need continuous and constant assistance and to comply with his right to attend primary school it is necessary for the school to … Read more

They detected “numerous and severe irregularities” in a San Benito school

The “repeated irregularities” detected in the operation of the Initial Level Educational Unit No. 256 and in the Gabriela Brimmer Elementary School No. 262, in San Benito, led the General Education Council (CGE) to prohibit the enrollment of students in 2023. It is a privately managed public educational institution, and incorporated into official education in … Read more

Orange alert again, severe bad weather expected in the next few hours


Strong winds, thunderstorms and showers. Come back the orange alert in Sicily scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 29 November. The bad weather that is affecting the island these days intensifies. This can be read in the notice of the regional civil protection number 22332 for meteorological-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk. Expect inconvenience. Adverse weather conditions The note … Read more