Equality at school: We don’t need uniforms, we need sex education

For the RN (And Brigitte Macron) the uniform would erase the inequalities between the students. These traditionalist and pro-secular frenzies make do with history and deliberately ignore the reality on the ground. And if we imposed the uniform on the students? For the National Rally, this would be the miracle solution to erase inequalities in … Read more

The double standard of censorship: Violence yes, sex no

12.31.2022 12:00 a.m. The world of humor has raised its voice due to the level of censorship who suffer, those of music too, but there is something that has been suffering from censorship for years: the naked body. Even so, there is one in particular that suffers more than another, the feminine. There is a … Read more

Sex education at school, Italy is confirmed as bringing up the rear in Europe


School classroom Not everyone is granted adequate training on the use of contraceptives and on the safest practices for a correct and healthy relationship. The data points to this, especially in Italy Eurydice, crossed with the objectives of Agenda 2030 and of the United Nations, which assert the formal importance of conducting correct sexual education … Read more

Sex education at school: Italy bringing up the rear in Europe, too many fears about “gender”


The classic lesson on the use of condom it never goes out of fashion and remains a privilege that is not granted to everyone. L’sex education it is something unknown to many but which, despite the taboos, needs continuous updates in order to keep up with a society that is proving to be more open … Read more

The new university law will punish residence halls that continue to segregate by sex, such as Elías Ahuja


The Order of Saint Augustine He has not punished the student who led the macho chants as promised in the male residence Elías Ahuja ―“Whores, come out of your holes! You are nymphomaniac whores…!―, but this offense against the schoolgirls from the neighboring Santa Mónica center, which scandalized the political class, will not go without … Read more

How much do you know about sex? Shocking survey among the students of Alba and Bra


94% said they had never attended sexual information initiatives, either at school or outside school. 65% say they learned the most important information about sexuality and STDs through the Internet. 60% admit that topics related to sex are taboo in family discussions. These are decidedly alarming data that emerged from a survey carried out by … Read more

The Sex Lives of College Girls TV Series Cast & Character Guide


The sex life of college girls is back for Season 2. The new series premiered on HBO Max on November 17, 2022. The comedy-drama is the brainchild of Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble and follows the ups and downs of four freshmen who began their college journeys at Vermont’s very own (and very fictionalized) Essex … Read more

Convicted sex offender jailed again after dressing up as schoolgirl in UK


A convicted sex offender has been jailed again after disguising himself as a schoolgirl to talk to students and give alcohol to two young children. Mark Nicholson, 55, sat outside Blessed Trinity School in Burnley, Lancashire, dressed in a school uniform of white tie, jacket and skirt. A court heard that he tried to strike … Read more

Sex education at school: what does it consist of?


This Sunday on RTL, the Minister of National Education, Pope Ndiaye, evoked sexuality education at school, an essential social and public health issue. According to a flash investigation quoted by the Minister, “only 10% of schools comply with the law which imposes 3 sex education sessions per year for all students”. But what does sex … Read more