Disconnected in health, the project against smartphone abuse enters the schools of the province

Disconnected in health enters the schools of the province of Lucca. Rosaria Sommariva, president of the Riaccendi il Sorriso association, Donatella Buonriposi, director of the territorial school office of Lucca and Massa-Carrara, intervened by videoconference and Claudio Oliva, Ust referent on national sport, health and wellness projects illustrated this morning (23 September) the project for … Read more

School. Smartphone, the challenge of educating from high school to primary school

Smartphone at school, yes or no? Why it is important to promote an alliance between school and families -. Smartphone at school, yes or no? The decision of the rector of the Malpighi High School in Bologna, Elena Ugolini, to requisition cell phones from students and teachers during the morning at school is arousing heated … Read more

Smartphone and pc alarm. Youth addictions go hand in hand. Those who are enslaved to the internet more easily fall into alcohol and drugs (R. Bobbio)


“Among the children who use the internet for more than 4 hours there is a greater consumption of illegal psycho-active substances: 43.9% among those who chat or stay on social networks and 18.8% among those who download / listen to music”. This data is contained in the Report to Parliament of the Department for Drug … Read more