The Solidarity Emporium is strengthened and activates the recovery of food from school canteens

Less than a year after opening, theSolidarity Emporium of Settimo expands and introduces new services. The recovery of food from the school canteens began on Monday 28 November. Fruits, cheeses, puddings, yoghurts and other non-perishable foods are collected and made available to the Emporium. «A way to contain food waste and at the same time … Read more

BNP Paribas is inaugurating “Equal Opportunities HQ”, a new space at L’Epopée dedicated to 5 social and solidarity economy associations.

BNP Paribas inaugurates the Equal Opportunities HQ, a new space in favor of the social and solidarity economy within the Epopée in Marseille, of which the Group is a partner. Inaugurated on December 2, 2022, this space will house 5 associations: Arborescence, L’Atelier de la langue Française, Les Déterminés, Nos Quartiers ont du Talent, and … Read more

Magic Robin Hood Resort will host a grand solidarity magic gala in favor of two NGOs


The accommodations on the Costa Blanca continue to work on events to offer holiday experiences beyond the summer and try to seasonally adjust tourism. In recent years, the Benidorm-based hotel chain, Magic Costa Blanca Hotels & Resorts has opted to theme various accommodations on the occasion of dates such as Halloween or Christmas and to … Read more

The toy in solidarity mode


Designed around a flagship action to collect toys from families, from November 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023, this project is part of a global approach to education for solidarity and sustainable development, in conjunction with actors in the social and solidarity economy. In 2022, Eco-mobilier was approved by the public authorities to organize the … Read more

Cascina Roccafranca Foundation: a Solidarity Christmas of books!


This year’s solidarity initiative is dedicated to the promotion of reading for the little ones. Suspended books, donations and reading aloud throughout December. Also this year the Cascina Roccafranca Foundation has decided to organize a solidarity initiative for Christmas, as part of the Mirafiori Quartieri Solidali project. After the success of the 2021 edition, which … Read more

#Milanofabene: actions, solidarity news and initiatives in the city from the world of the Third Sector


On Mianews, a weekly special dedicated to communication and information on the third sector in Milan and Lombardy, created in collaboration with the agency ‘Le Acrobate – Ideas words communication‘. Among the topics, campaigns, meetings, projects and appointments of large and small associations, foundations, groups organized at the service of social promotion and solidarity to … Read more

Schools contribute to Once for All: “Solidarity is caring for others”


The Solidarity Day for All is underway, which takes place every December 8 and has been in Paraná for 18 years for the benefit of hospitals, soup kitchens and picnic areas. Institutions and schools play a fundamental role in this link so that aid reaches those most in need. As every year, the establishments join … Read more

Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples


Many pages have been written about solidarity, as a value, as a principle, as a verb. However, not infrequently solidarity is confused with charity, with a vertical relationship where there is no other, but oneself who seeks and expects what corresponds to him by being supportive. In general, solidarity seems to have more photos on … Read more

Santander schoolchildren will celebrate the Days of Local Solidarity with a film series


Lorena Gutiérrez, Councilor for Immigration and Development Cooperation The Department of Immigration and Cooperation for Development, through the Office of Integration and Social Cooperation (OICOS), has organized a conference with three films aimed at educational centers in the city Santander celebrates the European Days of Local Solidarity until November 30, and for this purpose, the … Read more