Pure rock, three brothers from San Juan wrote their own song and dream of continuing to add experience

Friday, August 26, 2022 16:25 Andrea Cabezas and Carlos Heredia are two fans of rock and roll, they have always listened to this music at home and their children grew up embracing this culture. Lisandro Heredia is 15 years old, Miqueas 14 and Ivo Heredia 10 and they decided to start a band that takes … Read more

When “Piporro” composed a song for Pedro Infante


Eulalio González was the artistic godson of Pedro Infante, since the Sinaloan was the first to promote his career (Photos: Leviathan, IMER) Pedro Infante launched the careers of several artists, including Piporrowho for much of his career said he was grateful to the Sinaloan, for which composed a song so that only he could sing … Read more

Supergroup SiX By SiX (members of Saga, Saxon and ELP) release a third song: ‘China’


the supergroup SiX By SiX He has just released ‘China’, the third advance from his debut album. The video can be seen on these lines. This band has just been born and is formed by the guitarist of Saga Ian CrichtonSaxon’s drummer Nigel Glockler and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Robert Berry (who was with Keith Emerson … Read more

552 boys and girls participate in the creation and elaboration of the song of the summer of “Go!azen”


TV Premiere of the video clip Average EITB Published: 07/15/2022 15:07 (UTC+2) Last update: 07/18/2022 13:15 (UTC+2) The song “Bizi-Alai” has been completed with the musical lyrics proposals sent by the young people who have participated in the initiative. 4:02 Euskaraz irakurri: “Go!azen” in udako abestia 552 neska-mutilek sortu eta landu dute The song of … Read more