Free cinema, theater and books star in ‘Read, Think and Imagine’ in Cartagena, with a cycle on mental health

CARTAGENA. Cinema, theater and books are the protagonists of the programming that the City Hall of Cartagena has launched within the quarterly program Read, Think, Imaginewhich includes a thirty activities between October and December. The complete program has been presented by the councilor for the area of ​​Culture, David Martinez Noguera; the Director General of … Read more

Almost 400 activities will star in the European Night of Researchers in Granada

magazine | 23 September, 2022 – 14:08 | Editorial aG The participation of more than 15,000 people is expected in the activities scheduled for the 30th The appointment has been presented this Friday in the courtyard of the City Hall. Photo: Javier Algarra (Granada City Council) Almost 400 activities related to knowledge, about twenty stands … Read more

Biography Adher (Nathan from Tomorrow belongs to us): Who is the star of Tik Tok?


Adher creates buzz on the internet, especially in France, thanks to his videos. Resident of Pont d’Ain, he is followed by several subscribers on TikTok and Instagram. He also revealed himself as a comedian in the series tomorrow belongs to us. News TV presents Adher. Nathan played by Adher knows how to set the mood … Read more

Lyons. A star in China, this Lyonnais is unknown in France: who is Christophe Hisquin?


By Theo Zuili Published on 18 Sep 22 at 7:04 News Lyon See my news Follow this media Christophe Hisquin, alias Dantès Dai Liang, is a pioneer of mandopop, a style of music he imported to China. This Lyonnais tells his story. (©DR News Lyon) Hundreds of millions of viewers, hundreds of concerts and twenty … Read more

Star Academy 2022: Guillaume Mélanie asked to become a theater teacher… but already fired


Guillaume Mélanie is not well known to the general public but he was about to inflate his popularity. The director had been asked to become the new Star Academy theater teacher on TF1, before the production changed its mind for a very specific reason. The castle of Dammarie-les-Lys will soon reopen its doors. The star … Read more

Jenifer: her great regret years after her participation in the Star Academy!


When Star Academy arrives on TF1 screens, viewers don’t know what to expect. The show is new. Young candidates find themselves in a school where they learn the profession of singer through various courses. Every weekend they show off their progress at a prime. Season 1 was won by Jenifer, who has had a brilliant … Read more

School supplies: how star products are reinventing themselves


Each generation has its inescapable reference: the schoolboys of yesterday, now in their fifties, have all used one or two US khaki bags, the schoolboys of the 80s asked for their school bags “Do you have your Tann’s? “, the midinettes of CM confided their nascent emotions on a Hello Kitty notebook… But who would … Read more

“The great star”: sentenced does not accept criticism from Sergio George and refutes it live

Fire. In the last gala of “The great star”, Manuel Aumaitrea sentenced participant of the contest, indicated that he did not accept the criticism of the jury Sergio George. Manuel was uncomfortable with the comments of the renowned musician after he implied that his voice style is not “commercial”. What happened between Sergio George and … Read more

The Big Star: Gisela Valcárcel apologizes live with a participant victim of bullying


Gisela Valcárcel launches a message about bullying. (America TV) In the program ‘The Big Star’ of Gisela Valcarcel An unexpected moment was experienced after the driver exposed a case of bullying among the participants. The popular “señoto” had to apologize to the victim who could not hold back her tears when the moment she lived … Read more

The school of life on France 2: after Guillaume Labbé, Julie de Bona will be the star of season 2 [EXCLU]


France 2 will launch in a few days the filming of season 2 of “The school of life”. With a notable arrival in the cast since Julie de Bona (“Plan B”) joins the series and succeeds Guillaume Labbé as the new main teacher. While we recently learned of the stoppage of La Faute à Rousseau, … Read more