“San Placido” at the time of cholera, Biancavilla in the short story by De Roberto

A choral and crowded story, set in the Biancavilla of the nineteenth century, at the time of cholera, with the feast of the patron saint in the center. “San Placido”, this is the title, was written by Federivo De Roberto, an illustrious exponent of Verismo. But the publishing house rediscovered it “Black on white”By Biancavilla, … Read more

The incredible story of a student who dressed in a cap and gown but the school did not graduate her

In a closet of her house in Chía, Cundinamarca, the dreams and gala dress of Sara Valentina Mora, a student of the British Gymnasium in Chía, Cundinamarca, were hung. Two days before graduation, her mother, Betty Rojas, received a call from a teacher who left her cold, as she announced that Sara would not be … Read more

NÎMES Alexandre Castagnetti, director of “The school is ours”: “A touching story which I hope will make you want to change things”


Half of the duo La Chanson du Dimanche, Alexandre Castagnetti is also a director. He signs “The school is ours”, a comedy which will be released in theaters on October 26 and gives food for thought on the overall organization of our education system. Accompanied by the young 17-year-old actress, Sofia Bendra, Alexandre Castagnetti came … Read more

Studying to try to save a friend: the story of Cecilia Grierson, the first Argentine doctor


Cecilia Grierson is for many of our compatriots an unknown human being, except in specifically medical environments. And she is unfair. because she went the first woman to become a doctor in our countryon June 12, 1889 and, with this doctorate, turned out to be also the first woman with a university degree from the … Read more

Mass intoxication in Bucaramanga school: students consumed ‘brownie’ with marijuana; this is the story


The strange behavior of eleven students from Bucaramanga caught the attention of the teachers of a school in the city. Then they were alerted by the headache, general malaise and nausea that the students began to have in the classroom. A food they ate generated the emergency that caused them to end up in a … Read more

From the Vespucci benches of ’65 to the grand hotels of Europe: the story of the first graduates


from Giovanna Maria Fagnani Margherita Maierna, 76, and Augusto Celata, 75, were schoolmates: they hadn’t seen each other for sixty years. You ran a 4-star hotel, he was a chef and collaborated with Bernardo Caprotti When someone asked about the manager, we directed them to my office on the first floor. Many, finding a woman … Read more

Story of Michael Oher, the person who inspired the movie “A Possible Dream”


Fact checked The article has been checked for accuracy (content includes links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions, and occasionally medical studies). All content on our website has been reviewed, however, if you believe our content is inaccurate, out of date or otherwise questionable, you may contact us to make the necessary corrections. 5 … Read more

Géraldine Maillet upset: her chilling story about her meeting with PPDA, it’s terrible…


If the PDDA affair is no longer one of the media, the women victims of the former television star intend to fight in court to be heard. As a reminder, several of them accuse Patrick Poivre d’Arvor of sexual harassment and / or sexual assault. On the set of Touche not at my post, the … Read more

The horrifying true story of the murderous woman who inspired the movie The Orphan


Skillful and captivating, the woman decided to involve the Mauerová in The Grail Movement, a sect that would lead them directly to the path of perdition. Promiscuity, cannibalism and incest were some of the teachings professed by the group under the supposed mandates of the work In the Light of Truth: Grail Messagefrom Abd-ru-shin. From … Read more

Floods of 2002 in Alès: story of a disaster film that no one had anticipated


Twenty years ago to the day, Alès woke up underwater, incredulous. No one has forgotten these dramatic floods which killed seven people and forever traumatized several thousand victims. Ales wiped off the map. On the night of Sunday September 8 to Monday September 9, 2002, torrential rain fell on the Cévennes and its capital. It … Read more