Open to the city, the School of Arts and Design is strengthening its offer of internships and public courses

A… An eclectic proposal “This is one of the fundamental missions of artistic schools”, recalls Jean-François Dumont, the director of the structure, about these sessions open to all, and long nicknamed “evening classes”. “This openness to the outside public is really part of our establishment objectives”, continues the director who intends to promote “amateur practices”. … Read more

Pnrr, Macchia: “Strengthening schools and public administration to bridge the social divide and new poverty”

INTERVENTION / (by Antonio Macchia, general secretary CGIL Brindisi) The alarm raised in recent hours by Svimez disconcerts, but certainly does not leave us surprised. The risk that the game of the PNRR funds risks determining the opposite effect to what it would like to bridge the gap between North and South of Italy by … Read more