Strike this Thursday in the early childhood sector

A mobilization day is scheduled for Thursday, October 6 in the early childhood and childhood sector. The CFDT and the collective “Pas de bébé à la consigne” are calling on professionals in nurseries and after-school care to strike to make their demands heard. Summary A new strike movement is planned this Thursday, October 6 in … Read more

Educational protest Tuesday. Teacher strike and mobilization together with secondary and tertiary students against the adjustment in education

On Thursday, September 29, the teachers gathered in the assemblies of the UTE and Ademys unions, voted in favor of calling a 24-hour teacher strike. with mobilization not only against the successive reforms without consultation and the cuts both in education and in other areas linked to it (such as health and disability) but also … Read more

What to expect from the school strike this Thursday?


The interprofessional strike day which is to take place this Thursday across the country at the call of many unions will also be observed in National Education. Mobilizations, reception: on the eve of the movement, takes stock of its impact in schools. The strike movement planned for this Thursday is interprofessional and will therefore … Read more

Strike of September 29: school, college, high school, canteen, extracurricular reception… what to expect this Thursday?


the essential The main education unions are calling for a one-day strike, this Thursday, September 29, to demand wage increases. Will the teachers strongly mobilize? The day of Thursday, September 29 promises to be disrupted in schools, colleges and high schools. Some of the teachers will go on strike. It remains to be seen in … Read more

Impacts of the strike of September 29, 2022 in school and extracurricular reception


Thursday, September 29, 2022, some schools and some extracurricular reception will be closed due to a national and local strike movement in the territorial public service. The shuttles for the pupils of the Bregille and Près de Vaux schools and the Tristan Bernard nursery and elementary schools will not run. Information updated on September 27, … Read more

East Jerusalem schools strike reignites conflict over school curriculum


The TikTok video kicks off with Nawaf al-Salameh pointing her camera at a page from a children’s schoolbook showing photos of Israel’s former Sephardic chief rabbi, Shlomo Amar, and the Great Synagogue of Tunis. The camera focuses on text in Arabic presenting salient facts about Judaism – sacred sites, Shabbat and holidays – before panning … Read more

Sabana de Torres School, with 4,500 students, completes ten days of strike


yesThere are multiple and complex situations that led to students from the Madre la Esperanza Integrated School in the municipality of Sabana de Torres (Santander) beginning an indefinite cessation of activities for ten days. Among the situations that have motivated the protest, to which parents have already joined, is the dismal state of the educational … Read more

School strike Friday 23 September, lessons at risk: latest updates


Lessons at risk by Friday September 23. There school has now started again, the last students to return to school were those from Sicily and Valle d’Aosta, who returned only on 19 September. Lessons have therefore returned to full capacity, although some pupils are still waiting to meet the new teachers. Yet, despite the fact … Read more

All the reasons for the teacher strike in Buenos Aires schools | Larreta, the focus and political marketing


Four teachers unions confront Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and this Thursday they will strike in the schools of the city of Buenos Aires. protest is a reaction to an advertisement for head of the Buenos Aires government –the latest in a series of cuts to teachers’ labor rights–, which wants move teacher training activities that take … Read more

At least 13 IPN schools are on indefinite strike; they analyze the response to their petition


Students from at least 13 schools of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) are kept in indefinite unemployment. The strike began last August 23 at the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB) after accusing acts of corruption and abuse of functions by the Polytechnic authorities, and later spread to more schools. These are the schools that … Read more