The Nazi regime: summary |

NAZI REGIME: SUMMARY A Hitler rally in 1933 — Source: getty-images In the middle of ’34 the totalitarian Nazi state was constituted. Hitler he did not modify either the Constitution or the Republic. Instead, he took away the autonomy of parliament, government, judiciary and public administration. There were no longer institutions that could go against … Read more

Black Friday Amazon 2022: the best backpacks for school |

BLACK FRIDAY AMAZON 2022 Black Friday Amazon 2022: backpacks for school — Source: getty-images comes the Amazon Black Friday and with him the offerings for i best backpacks for school. There is something for all tastes and all levels, but there is only one common feature: discounts on the best-selling and trendy models for autumn … Read more

How to manage disappointments: what they are, how to get out of them, how to deal with those who have disappointed you |


How to handle disappointments At least once in a lifetime, each of us happens to be faced with a disappointment from a friend, partner, family member or to yourself. Disappointment is often followed by suffering, which can manifest itself in very different ways. If not managed, it can have transversal consequences on relationships, the environments … Read more

Momo di Michael Ende: scheda libro |


Momo, Michael Ende Momo è un libro per ragazzi scritto da Michael Ende — Fonte: getty-images Momo è un libro per ragazzi scritto da Michael Ende.   Per capire quali siano il tempo e il luogo del romanzo, dobbiamo rifarci ad una frase contenuta nel libro: Lontano lontano nel tempo, quando gli uomini si esprimevano con … Read more

Bismarck’s Prussia and German unification | Concept map |


PRUSSIA OF BISMARCK Otto von Bismarck was an important figure in the history of German unification – Source: getty-images On 30 September 1862 the Prussian Prime Minister Otto Von Bismarck declares that German unity will be achieved with “blood and iron”. The unification will take place in 1871. In Europe starting from the fifteenth century. … Read more

The Mass media | Concept map |


MASS MEDIA What and what are the mass media? – Source: getty-images The expression mass media (download here Conceptual map) comes from the Latin average (medium in the singular) which means means or instrument. In Italian mass media translates as the expression mass communication. The first means of communication is the book. Important is the … Read more

Candide by Voltaire: characters |


CANDIDUS OF VOLTAIRE A moment of the representation of Voltaire’s Candide made by Leonard Bernstein in 2016 – Source: getty-images Candide, or optimismis one of the most famous works of the French philosopher Voltaire. It consists of thirty short chapters and has a rapid linear structure, marked by the stages of the protagonist’s journey. But … Read more

Arte fiamminga e arte italiana: caratteristiche e differenze |


ARTE FIAMMINGA E ITALIANA Il rinascimento, oltre che in Italia, si sviluppa quasi contemporaneamente nelle Fiandre e, più tardi, nel resto d’Europa, ma con caratteristiche diverse. Il rinnovamento artistico fiammingo, non visibile nell’architettura, trova invece la sua massima espressione nella pittura, per la quale soprattutto si usa la definizione di rinascimento fiammingo. Anche nelle Fiandre, come … Read more

Moll Flanders di Daniel Defoe: scheda libro |


MOLL FLANDERS Una scena del film Moll Flanders — Fonte: getty-images Moll Flanders narra “le fortune e le sfortune di Moll Flanders, nata nella prigione di Negate e che a 60 anni di vita fu per 12 una sgualdrina, si sposò 5 volte (una delle quali col proprio fratello), per 12 fu ladra, per 8 … Read more