The Nazi regime: summary |

NAZI REGIME: SUMMARY A Hitler rally in 1933 — Source: getty-images In the middle of ’34 the totalitarian Nazi state was constituted. Hitler he did not modify either the Constitution or the Republic. Instead, he took away the autonomy of parliament, government, judiciary and public administration. There were no longer institutions that could go against … Read more

Masaccio: summary of art history |

MASACCIO: SUMMARY Masaccio, Tommaso by ser Giovanni Cassai – Source: getty-images Masaccio, nickname of Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Mòne by Andreuccio Cassài, was an active Italian painter during the period Four hundred. He was born in San Giovanni Valdarno in 1401. His artistic and cultural training takes place in Florence. We don’t have much … Read more

Life during Fascism: summary |


LIFE DURING FASCISM Life during Fascism: summary – Source: getty-images Starting in 1922, Italians lived there for just over twenty years fascist dictatorship, they must change their way of behaving, dressing, talking, meeting, studying. They have to become more martial nationalists. Uniforms and boots are preferred. Children and young people are framed in youth organizations … Read more

Held the second UIL School Rua National Congress. Summary report of April


From 21 to 23 September in Rome, at the Marriott Park Hotel, the second national Congress of the Uil Scuola Rua was held, in the presence of over 700 trade union delegates and cadres who welcomed the intervention of just over half a year. now with which Giuseppe D’Aprile – outgoing Secretary General – has … Read more

Tudum Summary: Everything you may not have seen at our event in the US and Europe


Welcome to Tudum: A Global Netflix Fan Event 2022, an exciting day filled with exclusive news, unreleased images, trailers, previews and interviews with Netflix’s top actors and writers. The free virtual event is a tribute to Netflix fans and is dedicated to sharing scoops on over 120 popular TV series, movies and specials from around … Read more

The Tragedies of Seneca: summary |


SENECA Seneca tragedies: what are they? – Source: getty-images Seneca wrote nine tragedies during the years of his activity at the emperor’s court Nero and even after his retirement from political life, in 62 d. C. The tragedies have come down to us in a complete form, they are inspired by the Greek theater, especially … Read more

First Catilinary of Cicero: summary |


THE CATILINARIES OF CICERONE First Catilinary of Cicero: summary – Source: getty-images The Catilinaries are speeches given by Cicero versus Catiline and there are four in all. The first and fourth Catilinary were presented to the Senate, while the second and third to the people. A little historical context: in 63 a. C. were consuls … Read more

True Things Movie Review & Movie Summary (2022) | Pretty Reel


Sex may be the origin of everything in “True Things” and may be the main destabilizing force (as it often is in real life), but the real subject of “True Things”, the source of every screen event, is loneliness, the damage loneliness can do. As Douglas Copeland wrote, “Forget sex, politics or religion. Loneliness is … Read more

Buddhism: summary and characteristics |


BUDDHISM: SUMMARY Buddhism: summary and characteristics – Source: getty-images Buddhism means “path of the higher being”, derives from Hinduism and proposes a more vision philosophical-psychological than religious and is predominant in Asia. The founder and teacher is Siddhartha Gautama known as Shakyamuni, who lived between the 4th and 5th centuries. to. C. in northeastern India. … Read more